Things to Do in Le Marais: The Best of What to Do and See

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Charming outdoor café scene under a canopy of colorful umbrellas in Le Marais, Paris. Diners enjoy meals at sidewalk tables, surrounded by vibrant decorations and a festive atmosphere, showcasing one of the many delightful things to do in Le Marais.

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Are you looking for the best things to do in Le Marais District?

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Ever since I made Paris my home in 2021, Le Marais has quietly but surely become one of my favorite neighborhoods in this enchanting city.

Le Marais, one of Paris’s most enchanting neighborhoods, is a captivating blend of historical richness and contemporary vibrancy.

For visitors, the challenge often lies in uncovering its hidden gems amidst an overwhelming array of choices.

This guide offers a curated list of things to do in Le Marais Paris, ensuring you experience its best attractions, from chic boutiques to historic landmarks.

As someone who has spent countless weekends exploring every corner of this district, I’ve gained a deep appreciation for its unique character.

Whether you’re a history buff, art enthusiast, or simply in love with Parisian culture, Le Marais has something special for you.

If you are in a hurry, here’s a summary of things to do in Marais Paris:

Best Things to Do in Le Marais Paris

1. Historical Gems of Le Marais

Musée Carnavalet

Courtyard view of the Musée Carnavalet in Paris, exhibiting a formal French garden design with symmetrical flowerbeds and manicured hedges, surrounded by the classical architecture of the historical museum.

Among my personal favorites in Paris is the Musée Carnavalet.

This museum, dedicated to the history of Paris, holds a special place in my heart. Housed in two majestic mansions, it unfolds the city’s story through a remarkable collection of art, furniture, and historical artifacts.

Each room, each exhibit, transports you to a different era, from the prehistoric days to modern times. The intricate details, from elaborate doorways to ornate rooms, speak volumes about the city’s evolution.

It’s a place where I often find myself lost in the alleys of history, uncovering yet another layer of Paris’s past with each visit.

Address: 23 Rue de Sévigné, 75003 Paris, France

Place des Vosges

Things to Do in Le Marais: The Best of What to Do and See

As you meander through the neighborhood, you’ll soon arrive at the Place des Vosges, known as the oldest planned square in Paris.

Lined with red brick buildings and covered arcades, this square is a testament to the architectural prowess of the early 17th century. The harmonious symmetry and the lush central park make it a perfect spot for a leisurely pause.

Victor Hugo, one of France’s literary giants, made his home here, and his residence is now a museum dedicated to his life and work.

Address: Pl. des Vosges, 75004 Paris, France

Église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis

As soon as you go through the enormous and exquisite crimson entrance, you will understand why seeing this cathedral need to be on your itinerary for activities in Le Marais.

Église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis was built between 1627 and 1641 and was the first French church in Paris to use Baroque architecture, in contrast to other gothic-style churches.

Not only is the external architecture stunning, but the inside is just as fascinating! In addition to the elaborate sculptures that cover the walls, there is a magnificent 19th-century gallery organ that is well worth seeing.

The picture “Christ in agony in the garden of olive trees” by renowned French painter Eugène Delacroix is also very striking.

Address: 99 Rue Saint-Antoine, 75004 Paris, France

Jewish Quarter

A typical day in the bustling Rue des Rosiers in Le Marais, Paris, with pedestrians strolling past ivy-covered buildings and striking street art, capturing the district's blend of historic charm and contemporary culture.

Le Marais is also home to the historic Jewish Quarter. Strolling through this area, you can sense the layers of history and culture that have shaped it.

The Rue des Rosiers is the heart of this quarter, bustling with traditional Jewish bakeries, delis, and bookstores.

The vibrant cultural tapestry here is a poignant reminder of the diverse communities that have contributed to the fabric of Paris.

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Hôtel de Ville

Tourists gather in the square of Hôtel de Ville in Paris, with the iconic Olympic rings installation in vibrant colors, celebrating the forthcoming games, set against the ornate façade of the city hall adorned with flags.

A stone’s throw away from the Jewish Quarter Paris, is the Hôtel de Ville, the city hall of Paris.

This building, with its neo-Renaissance architecture, is not just an administrative center; it’s a symbol of Paris’s resilience and heart.

Its public square has witnessed some of the most significant events in French history, from festive celebrations to political demonstrations.

Address: Mairie de Paris – Place de l’Hôtel de Ville 75004 Paris

2. Shopping Havens

Marché des Enfants Rouges

Things to Do in Le Marais: The Best of What to Do and See

A day in Le Marais isn’t complete without a trip to the Marché des Enfants Rouges.

As Paris’s oldest covered market, it is a bustling hub where the senses come alive. The market is a tapestry of colors and aromas, with stalls filled with fresh produce, aromatic spices, and artisanal delights.

It’s not just a place to shop; it’s an experience that immerses you in the local culture and culinary heritage of Paris.

Address: 39 Rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris, France

Boutique Exploration

Interior of the Kilo Shop, a popular vintage store in Le Marais, Paris. The scene shows diverse shoppers browsing through an eclectic mix of items, including racks of colorful vintage clothing and shelves filled with boots and accessories, creating a vibrant and bustling shopping atmosphere.

When it comes to Paris shopping, Le Marais is unmatched in its diversity and style. The Broken Arm stands out as a prime example. This contemporary boutique, known for its meticulously curated selection of fashion and lifestyle products, offers an immersive shopping experience.

For vintage enthusiasts, Kilo Shop Paris Marais is a treasure trove. This unique store operates on a weight-based pricing system, allowing you to pick out vintage clothing and pay by the kilo. It’s a sustainable and fun way to shop, offering a vast array of styles from different eras.

Merci Concept Store

Quaint courtyard view at Merci, a concept store in Le Marais, Paris. The scene features a classic red Fiat car parked in front of the store, surrounded by festive bunting and a welcoming, artistic atmosphere, offering a glimpse into the unique shopping things to do in Le Marais.

Visit Merci Concept Store in the trendy Le Marais area if you’re looking for Instagram-worthy locations in Paris.

When you enter this concept shop located in a 19th-century structure, a red Fiat 500 parked in the paved courtyard will welcome you.

A café and restaurant called Flor Cantina is located below, with a beautiful garden view. But you’ll have to wait till you enter the Used Books Café to read one of the 10,000 available books while sipping coffee.

Address: 111 Bd Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris, France

3. Arts and Culture

Musée Picasso

Visitors admiring a wall covered in a diverse collection of Picasso exhibition posters at the Musée Picasso in Paris, showcasing the extensive influence and variety of the artist's works in a room with exposed wooden beams.

A key cultural landmark in Le Marais is the Musée Picasso. This museum, dedicated to the works of Pablo Picasso, is a treasure trove for art lovers.

Housed in the grand Hôtel Salé, the museum showcases an extensive collection of Picasso’s paintings, sculptures, and sketches. Each visit here is a journey through the creative genius of one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

The museum also offers insight into Picasso’s personal life, adding depth to the appreciation of his art.

Address: 5 Rue de Thorigny, 75003 Paris, France


The Picasso Museum is one of Paris’s most well-liked museums. You must reserve a skip the line ticket if you want to visit it without waiting in line. The Paris Pass includes admission as well.

Additionally, you can reserve a 2 hour skip the line private tour or a 2 hour small group guided tour of the museum.

Centre Pompidou

things to do in Le Marais

My personal experiences at the Centre Pompidou, located just a short walk from Le Marais, have been nothing short of extraordinary.

This architectural marvel is not just a museum; it’s a cultural hub. Housing an extensive collection of modern and contemporary art, it features masterpieces by artists like Marc Chagall and Louise Bourgeois.

I remember being mesmerized by the sheer diversity and depth of the artworks on display. The Centre Pompidou is also a place of innovation and inclusivity, offering tours for the visually impaired, which I found profoundly impactful.

Additionally, the presence of a restaurant and the variety of live performances make it a place where art is celebrated in many forms.

You should either reserve a skip the line ticket in advance or be ready to wait in line.

Please note: After Paris hosts the Olympic Games in 2024, the Pompidou Centre is slated to close from 2024 to 2028 for multi-year repairs.

Address: Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris, France

4. Best Le Marais Restaurants

Bistrot Instinct

A well-presented plate of roasted chicken thigh served with golden roasted potatoes, garnished with herbs and served on a speckled blue plate at Bistrot Instinct in Paris, capturing the essence of French cuisine.

Among the must-visit dining spots in Le Marais is Bistrot Instinct, a gem that has captured my palate and heart.

This cozy bistro, with its warm ambiance, offers a menu that is a delightful blend of traditional French cuisine with a modern twist. The dishes here, crafted with locally sourced ingredients, are a testament to the chef’s creativity and skill.

Each plate is not just a meal but a culinary artwork, perfectly balanced in flavor and presentation. The duck confit and the seasonal risottos have particularly left an indelible mark on my taste buds.

Address: 19 Rue de Picardie, 75003 Paris, France

Le Ju’ Restaurant

Close-up of a bowl of creamy fettuccine pasta with mushrooms garnished with parsley, served at Le Ju' Restaurant in Paris, accompanied by golden fries and a refreshing glass of beer in the background.

Another culinary highlight in Le Marais is Le Ju’ Restaurant. This eatery stands out for its fusion of traditional Jewish flavors with contemporary French cooking.

The restaurant’s atmosphere, combining a sense of history with modern chic, makes it a perfect spot for both casual lunches and romantic dinners.

Their falafel and shakshuka are personal favorites, offering a taste of the Middle East with a Parisian flair. It’s a place where each visit feels like a new culinary adventure.

Address: 16 Rue des Archives, 75004 Paris, France

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5. What to Do in Le Marais at Night

38Riv Jazz Club

A live jazz quartet performs in the cozy ambiance of 38Riv Jazz Club, with exposed stone arches overhead. The ensemble features a double bassist, a pianist, a saxophonist, and a trumpeter deeply engaged in their music.

or those who love the sultry notes of jazz, 38Riv Jazz Club is a must-visit. This intimate venue, with its underground stone vault, offers an authentic jazz experience.

The ambiance here is reminiscent of the classic jazz bars of yesteryear, creating an atmosphere that’s both cozy and electrifying.

Whether you’re a jazz aficionado or new to the genre, the live performances here are sure to captivate. It’s a place where I’ve spent many an evening, lost in the music and the timeless charm of the setting.

COX Nightclub

Patrons enjoy a lively evening at Cox bar in Paris, France, with its vibrant neon lighting and a well-stocked bar glowing under magenta hues, creating an energetic and inviting atmosphere.

For a vibrant and inclusive night out, COX nightclub stands as a renowned destination in Le Marais, particularly popular within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Known for its energetic atmosphere and welcoming spirit, COX is a celebration of diversity and fun. The club pulses with life, offering a mix of music genres that keep the dance floor lively until dawn.

It’s a space where everyone is free to be themselves, making it a staple of Le Marais’ inclusive nightlife.

Maria Loca

The rustic charm of Maria Loca bar in Paris, with its wooden shelves stocked with an eclectic selection of spirits and bottles, edison bulb lighting, and a chalkboard menu featuring cocktails and snacks.

If you’re looking for a more laid-back evening, Maria Loca is a hidden gem. This cocktail bar, with its unique Brazilian-French fusion, offers a wide range of expertly crafted cocktails.

The ambiance is chic yet relaxed, making it an ideal spot for a casual night out with friends or a romantic evening.

Their caipirinhas and creative cocktail blends have been a personal highlight, offering a taste of Brazil in the heart of Paris.

6. Things to Do in Le Marais with Kids

A serene garden view at Jardin des Rosiers - Joseph Migneret in Paris, featuring an array of colorful pansies interspersed with neatly trimmed conical topiaries, set against the backdrop of classic Parisian architecture.
The Rosiers–Joseph Migneret Garden is a green space in the 4th arrondissement of Paris

Le Marais is a delightful neighborhood for families, offering a variety of kid-friendly activities that are both enjoyable and educational.

  • Visit the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature: This unique museum is a hit with kids who are interested in nature and wildlife. It features fascinating exhibits on hunting, nature, and art, making it an educational and entertaining experience.
  • Explore the Jardin des Rosiers – Joseph Migneret: This hidden garden is a peaceful oasis perfect for a family picnic or a quiet break. The garden’s play area is ideal for children to play and explore.
  • Enjoy a Sweet Treat at L’Éclair de Génie: Treat the kids to some delicious éclairs at this famous pastry shop. Their colorful and inventive éclairs are sure to delight both kids and adults alike.
  • Participate in Workshops at Centre Pompidou: The Centre Pompidou offers workshops and activities for children, where they can engage in art-making and creative processes. It’s a fun way to introduce kids to contemporary art.
  • Stroll along the Seine River: A leisurely walk along the Seine River offers scenic views and a chance to enjoy the outdoors. The riverbanks often have street performers and artists, adding to the lively atmosphere.

7. Le Marais Things to do Nearby

Visitors exploring the grand circular hall of the Bourse de Commerce, featuring a white marble statue at the center, with a striking fresco under the dome and the minimalist design of the surrounding gallery space in Le Marais, Paris.
The former Bourse de commerce, now the exhibition site of the Pinault Collection

Nearby to the Marais are some more things to do that are worthwhile visiting.

  • Place de la Bastille – Once the site of the Bastille prison, a symbol of royal oppression demolished in 1789, the area now features the July Column, celebrating the 1830 uprising. Marked by cobblestones, it’s a hub for vibrant nightlife and hosts grand Bastille Day festivities annually on July 14.
  • Bourse de Commerce – showcases French billionaire Francois Pinault’s collection of over 5,000 modern artworks by artists like Cy Twombly and Jeff Koons. The top floor offers stunning views of Paris landmarks, including the Saint-Eustache church and Centre Pompidou.
  • Tour Saint-Jacques – The Tour Saint-Jacques, a stunning Gothic tower constructed from 1509 to 1523, stands as the sole remnant of the Saint-Jacques-de-la-Boucherie Church, demolished in 1797 during the French Revolution.

Le Marais Paris Map

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Where Are the Best Le Marais Hotels?

Le Marais, with its vibrant culture and historic charm, offers a variety of accommodations to suit every traveler’s need. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly options, comfortable mid-range stays, or luxury indulgences, this Parisian neighborhood has it all.

Final Thoughts on Things to Do in the Marais

Any Paris itinerary I create for someone always include a visit to Le Marais. It’s a historically rich, vibrant, and enjoyable neighborhood.

Le Marais is a neighborhood that truly has something for everyone. From its rich history and vibrant art scene to its diverse culinary offerings and lively nightlife, it’s a microcosm of Parisian life.

Hopefully, this guide covered all there is to love about Le. Marais, from the well-known to the secret treasures known only to the locals.

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