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Vintage Shops in Paris: A cozy vintage sweater with floral embroidery hangs on a rack outdoors, with a black arrow sign pointing left towards the word 'VINTAGE', inviting shoppers into the store on a city street with a European feel.
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Looking for the best vintage shops in Paris?

If so, you’ll love my list of Paris’s top 11 vintage stores!

As a Paris resident and travel expert who has lived in France since 2021, Paris is one of my favorite places for shopping second hand clothing.

Each store is a treasure trove of history, style, and unique finds, turning shopping into an adventure. Through my explorations, I’ve gathered a wealth of insider knowledge and I’m excited to share it with you. second hand shops in paris boutique vintage paris

Whether you’re a seasoned vintage enthusiast or new to the scene, this guide is your insider pass to navigate the best vintage shops in Paris like a pro. Get ready to uncover the hidden gems of Parisian fashion! second hand shopping in paris

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Ready for the best vintage shops in paris? Let’s go.

If you are in a hurry, here’s a summary of the top vintage shops in Paris France:

Top Vintage Stores in Paris

1. Chinemachine

Vintage Shops in Paris: Exterior view of a vintage clothing store named 'CHINEMACHINE' in the evening, showcasing a variety of stylish garments and accessories in its warmly lit window displays against a classic Parisian building facade.

Located in the picturesque Montmartre, Chinemachine was a delightful discovery. As I wandered in, the eclectic array of clothes immediately caught my eye. The shop, located at the foot of Montmartre’s famous hill, exudes a laid-back vibe, thanks to its friendly staff.

Its compact exterior belies the extensive collection inside, especially the surprising variety found downstairs. The prices, pleasantly reasonable, make it tempting to indulge in more than you planned.

I’ve spent countless hours here, each visit uncovering something new, be it a vintage tee or a chic jacket. Chinemachine is a testament to Montmartre’s bohemian spirit, making it a must-visit for every vintage enthusiast.

2. Mamie Blue

Vintage Shops in Paris: The quaint storefront of Mamie Blue, a vintage shop with a striking blue facade, displays a variety of retro clothing and accessories in its windows under a playful handwritten sign, inviting passersby into the world of vintage fashion.

Mamie Blue is more than just a vintage shop; it’s a journey through time. Specializing in 1930s to 1950s fashion, the store feels like a well-kept secret among vintage aficionados.

The staff’s expertise is apparent, offering insights into each piece’s history.

Here, I found some of my most prized possessions, each resonating with the charm of a bygone era. The ambiance encourages leisurely browsing, and it’s easy to lose track of time amidst their exquisite collection.

Mamie Blue isn’t just a shopping destination; it’s a place where fashion narratives from the past come alive.

3. Thanx God I’m a V.I.P.

Vintage Shops in Paris: Spacious interior of 'Thanx God I'm a V.I.P.' vintage store, illuminated by pendant lights, featuring an elegant array of colorful clothing arranged by hue on racks, and a selection of accessories showcased in glass display cases.

Thanx God I’m a V.I.P. redefines luxury in the realm of vintage shopping.

With an impressive selection of high-end brands, including iconic pieces from Saint Laurent, the store caters to those looking for the best luxury vintage shops in Paris.

The atmosphere is one of understated elegance, making each visit a unique experience. The shop’s layout is thoughtfully designed, showcasing the clothes in a way that makes browsing a pleasure.

It’s a place where you can find a piece that’s not just an addition to your wardrobe, but a real statement.

4. Skat Vintage

A variety of casual and formal clothing items including jackets, shirts, and sweaters neatly hung on a row of white hangers against a textured stone wall.

My journey with Skat Vintage began on Instagram, where their captivating posts had me hooked long before I set foot in their quaint store.

Specializing in skate and streetwear, Skat offers an alternative vibe to the usual Parisian vintage scene.

The store is a treasure trove for those who love the casual, laid-back style.

On my first visit, I was delighted to find a jacket that quickly became a favorite in my wardrobe. Meeting Agnes, the charming and friendly owner, was a highlight of my visit. Her warmth and the store’s unique selection make Skat Vintage a must-visit.

5. RoseMarket Vintage

Vintage Shops in Paris: Inside view from Rose Market Vintage, with a glance through the open door onto a Parisian street. The shop interior is adorned with a vibrant selection of vintage dresses and assorted clothing items, reflecting the charm and fashion of bygone eras.

RoseMarket Vintage is a sanctuary for those seeking high-fashion vintage. Specializing in luxury brands, particularly Chanel, the store offers an array of classic and sophisticated pieces.

As a lover of timeless elegance, I found the selection here simply irresistible. The ambiance is refined yet welcoming, making each visit a delightful experience.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a vintage Chanel jacket or a pair of elegant earrings, RoseMarket Vintage is the place to find those enduring pieces that define a wardrobe.

6. Kiliwatch

Vintage Shops in Paris: Interior of Kiliwatch, a chic vintage store with an array of colorful clothing on racks, vibrant berets on display, and an assortment of shoes below. The unique lighting fixture made of multiple bulbs adds a warm, retro ambiance to the shopping experience.

Stepping into Kiliwatch, I was immediately struck by the thoughtful layout and vast selection. The store, larger than I anticipated, offers a diverse range of styles, from retro to contemporary.

It is easily one of the best cheap vintage shops in Paris. designer vintage shops paris

The ambiance is vibrant and inviting, making the shopping experience truly enjoyable. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety and ended up scaling back from several items to just one must-have piece.

Kiliwatch is a testament to the creativity and effort that goes into vintage store curation, and it’s a place I would eagerly revisit.

7. Takk Paris

Vintage Shops in Paris: Modern and well-lit interior of Takk Paris, a boutique featuring an array of designer bags on sleek shelves and a selection of stylish clothing on racks, all under the rustic charm of exposed wooden ceiling beams.

Takk Paris is where contemporary meets vintage. The store’s selection is a blend of modern and retro styles, offering something truly unique.

The layout is inviting, making it easy to explore and discover both new and vintage pieces that complement each other perfectly.

8. Free’P’Star

Interior of a bustling vintage clothing store, Free'P'Star, filled with shoppers browsing through racks of assorted clothing. An eye-catching large black sculpture of a mythical creature hangs from the ceiling, contributing to the shop's eclectic and artistic atmosphere.

Free’P’Star stands out for its affordability in the often pricey vintage market of Paris.

This shop is a hotspot for those on a hunt for a bargain, offering a range of clothing and accessories at prices that don’t break the bank.

The selection is vast and varied, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

On my visits, I’ve been impressed by the array of options, from retro jackets to vintage dresses. Free’P’Star proves that vintage shopping in Paris can be both chic and budget-friendly.

9. Tilt Vintage Paris

Vintage Shops in Paris: Densely packed clothing racks at Tilt Vintage Paris, filled with a varied selection of shirts, jackets, and skirts in multiple patterns and colors, showcasing the rich variety of retro styles available for fashion enthusiasts.

Tilt Vintage Paris stands out in the bustling Le Marais district, a neighborhood brimming with vintage shops of varying quality and price points. Tilt, though smaller compared to some of its neighbors, shines as a hidden gem.

On my visits, I’ve found its selection to be somewhat niche, catering more to the styles and sizes favored by the chic, young Parisians.

However, the treasures to be found here, like a stunning blouse and a chic Breton-style cap I once picked up, are worth the hunt.

The prices reflect the uniqueness of their pieces, which I find justifiable for their distinctiveness.

What truly elevates Tilt Vintage is the staff. The friendly and engaging girls working there break the stereotype of the aloof boutique worker.

They’re always ready to interact, offer fashion advice, and make suggestions, which adds a personal touch to the shopping experience.

Each time I’m in Le Marais, Tilt is on my must-visit list!

10. Vintage by Ramin

Vintage Shops in Paris: Shoppers in warm coats browse through a street-side vintage clothing rack outside 'VINTAGE By Ramin' store, with the bustling activity of a Parisian sidewalk scene encapsulating the allure of city life and second-hand fashion finds.

Situated in the center of the Marais, Vintage By Ramin is a neat 120-square-meter store that sells reasonably priced, high-quality goods.

The owner collects clothing, accessories, and shoes from all over Europe. Designer items are also available in the store. luxury vintage shops paris

Ramin, the store manager and personal stylist, loves art and frequently asks an artist to hang artwork in the window.

Extremely welcoming, he will always be happy to respond to your questions with a smile! paris vintage shops online

You should budget between 5 and 10 euros for a dress or pair of jeans, and about 15 euros for a pair of Converse. It’s difficult to find better-quality products at such a low cost!

11. Sous les pavés, le vintage!

A vibrant collection of vintage clothing on hangers, showcasing a variety of patterns and colors, including floral and geometric designs, with a visible price tag marked '39€' suggesting a sale or boutique setting.

A visit to ‘Sous les pavés, le vintage!’ is like stepping into a fashion time capsule.

The store offers a diverse range of vintage clothing and accessories, each with its own charm and history.

Browsing through the racks, you’re likely to find everything from classic Parisian chic to more avant-garde pieces.

It’s a store that celebrates the diversity and creativity of vintage fashion, making each visit a unique experience. best area for vintage shopping paris

12. Come on Eileen

Street view of 'COME ON EILEEN VINTAGE' shop front with a display window full of eclectic vintage clothing and accessories, featuring mannequins dressed in colorful outfits from different eras, under a weathered shop sign.

Discovering Come on Eileen was like unearthing a hidden gem in the vintage landscape of Paris. The store presents an eclectic mix of styles, ranging from high-end designer pieces to everyday wear.

Each visit feels like a new adventure, with an ever-changing inventory that keeps the experience fresh and exciting.

The store’s layout invites exploration, and I often find myself drawn to the unique accessories that add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Whether you’re seeking a statement piece or something understated, Come on Eileen offers a delightful array of choices for every fashion enthusiast. best vintage shops in paris for chanel

13. Les Puces de Saint-Ouen

Vintage Shops in Paris: A woman in a mask examines a selection of vintage jackets on a clothing rack at an outdoor market, with other shoppers in the background adhering to health guidelines by wearing masks, highlighting a cautious return to normalcy in public spaces.

Visiting Les Puces de Saint-Ouen is like stepping into a different era. It’s not just a flea market; it’s full of the best antique shops in Paris France, and vintage items from various periods.

The experience starts right from the moment you step out of the metro station.

Although the initial impression might be a bit underwhelming due to the dirt and grit, a further exploration into the market reveals its true charm.

The first section, filled with expensive furniture and glassware, initially made me think that this was all there was.

But as I delved deeper, I was astounded by the market’s enormity and diversity. From high-end antiques to affordable trinkets, Les Puces de Saint-Ouen offers an incomparable variety.

It’s a place where you can spend hours exploring, meeting fascinating people, and experiencing the essence of Parisian history. For anyone visiting the French capital, this market is an absolute must-see. best vintage shops paris

Tips for Vintage Shopping in Paris

  • Start Early: Many vintage shops in Paris get crowded, especially on weekends. Starting your day early can give you a head start and a better browsing experience.
  • Know Your Style: With so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Have a clear idea of what you’re looking for – be it retro dresses, designer pieces, or quirky accessories.
  • Explore Beyond the Tourist Areas: Some of the best finds are often in less touristy neighborhoods. Don’t hesitate to venture off the beaten path.
  • Check the Quality: Always inspect items for any damage or wear. Vintage doesn’t mean you should compromise on quality.
  • Try Everything On: Sizes and fits can vary greatly in vintage clothing. Trying on items ensures you leave with pieces that not only look good but also fit well.
  • Learn to Bargain: At flea markets and some shops, prices can be negotiable. A polite conversation with the seller could lead to a better deal.
  • Follow Your Favorite Shops Online: Many shops post their latest finds on social media. Following them can give you a sneak peek at new items before you visit.

Final Thoughts on Best Thrift Shops in Paris

Vintage shops in Paris offer a unique experience for fashion enthusiasts and collectors alike.

These boutiques, found in the city’s historic lanes, are treasure troves of rare and timeless pieces, reflecting Paris’s rich fashion history.

They provide a sustainable alternative to mainstream shopping, allowing you to own a part of Parisian heritage.

Each visit to these shops is a journey through time, offering exclusive finds that tell a story.

Whether you’re seeking high-end vintage couture or quirky retro finds, vintage shops in Paris cater to all tastes, making them a must-visit destination for anyone cherishing the elegance of bygone eras.

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