A woman in a chic black lace outfit sits on a rooftop ledge, smiling with the iconic Eiffel Tower in the background, capturing one of the best Paris Instagram spots.

The Ultimate Guide to the 27 Best Paris Instagram Spots

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Are you searching for the best Paris instagram spots?

Whether you’ve lived in Paris your entire life or are just visiting, it’s difficult not to share this amazing city with your friends and family.

There are tons of amazing sights in the city that you should definitely document on (digital) film and share with your friends, family, and/or masses of followers. In fact, you might not even know where to begin in Paris because there are so many instagrammable locations here!

Don’t worry though, I’ve got you. Keep reading….

As someone who has lived in Paris since 2021, I’ve explored the city and put together a list of the most picturesque locations in Paris, from the Eiffel Tower to Montmartre, for the ideal Instagram shot.

There is plenty to photograph and share in this amazing city, whether you’re searching for an urban oasis, breathtaking skyline views, or something you just don’t see every day.

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If you are in a hurry, here’s a summary of the best Paris instagram spots:

The Top 27 Best Paris Instagram Spots

Avenue Rapp

A woman in a chic black outfit poses on a pedestrian crossing on Avenue Rapp, with the iconic Eiffel Tower majestically rising in the background, creating a perfect scene for one of the best Paris Instagram spots.

Found on Avenue Rapp, right in front of the cozy eatery L’Howea, lies one of my absolute favorite spots for that quintessential Paris photo. This spot isn’t just any street in Paris; it’s a frame that perfectly captures the grandeur of the Eiffel Tower, juxtaposing its iconic silhouette against the everyday charm of Parisian life.

I love standing in the middle of the crosswalk here, the Tower looming in the background, as the city pulses around me. Directly across the street, you’ll find the Lavirotte Building, another renowned Instagram spot known for its exceptional Art Nouveau architecture. This area is a gold mine for photographers and influencers alike, offering a dual opportunity to capture the essence of Paris’s artistic and architectural splendor in just a turn of the heel.

Lavirotte Building

A stylish woman stands confidently in front of the ornate Art Nouveau doorway of the Lavirotte Building at 29 Avenue Rapp, a renowned Paris Instagram spots, showcasing intricate stone carvings and sculptural details.

Just a stone’s throw from the iconic Eiffel Tower, the Lavirotte Building stands as an architectural marvel and a photographer’s delight. This Art Nouveau masterpiece, with its exquisite sculptural façade, provides a stunningly unique backdrop for Instagram photos.

Its ornate doorway, embraced by intricate stonework and whimsical figures, evokes the extravagant spirit of Paris in the early 20th century. I adore the dramatic entrance – posing in front of its beautifully carved wooden doors, under the watchful gaze of the sculpted faces and twisting organic forms, is a moment captured in time.

Pont Alexandre III

Spanning the Seine, Pont Alexandre III is not just a bridge but a masterpiece of Beaux-Arts architecture. Its opulent design, complete with ornate lamps, nymphs, and winged horses, exudes Parisian glamour. The bridge provides a magnificent view of iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Les Invalides, especially enchanting during the golden hour when the setting sun bathes everything in a warm glow.

Underneath the bridge, the intricate framework offers a different perspective, ideal for those seeking an unconventional angle. At night, the illuminated bridge against the backdrop of the Parisian skyline is mesmerizing. Capturing a long exposure shot with the twinkling lights of passing boats adds a dynamic element to your photos, encapsulating the vibrant spirit of Paris.

Paris Streets

Wandering the streets of Paris is like flipping through a vibrant, visual storybook. Each cobblestone alley and bustling boulevard offers a snapshot of Parisian life, ripe for capturing. The charm lies in the unexpected – a quaint café with wicker chairs spilling onto the sidewalk, a vintage car parked under leafy trees, or a street musician’s lively performance.

As an influencer, I find these spontaneous moments perfect for Instagram; they embody the city’s authentic vibe. Morning light softens the historic facades, and by night, street lamps cast a romantic glow, ideal for those moody, cinematic shots. Whether it’s the fashionable Marais or the artsy Montmartre, Paris’s streets are endlessly photogenic, making them a top spot for anyone looking to add a touch of French flair to their feed.

Trocadéro and the Eiffel Tower

A joyful woman in a black off-the-shoulder dress sits on the steps at Trocadéro with a bouquet of pink and black balloons, the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop, capturing the essence of Parisian life at a beloved Paris instagram spots.

The Eiffel Tower, a symbol of Parisian elegance, offers endless photo opportunities. While classic shots from Trocadéro are a must, exploring lesser-known angles can be equally rewarding. My go-to spot for a unique perspective is the gardens of Trocadéro at dawn, where the rising sun paints the sky in pastel hues behind the Tower.

For a romantic twist, capture the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower at night from the Pont de Bir-Hakeim. And for those who love a touch of greenery, the Parc du Champ de Mars provides a stunning foreground to this architectural marvel. Remember, the best photo is the one that captures not just the sight, but the feeling of being in the presence of this magnificent structure. Paris instagram spots

Rue Saint-Dominique

Seated on the curb of Rue Saint-Dominique, a woman in a vibrant red coat and knee-high boots flashes a charming smile, with the Eiffel Tower creating an iconic backdrop, a quintessential Paris instagram spots.

Rue Saint-Dominique is a treasure trove for those in pursuit of that quintessential Parisian backdrop. This charming street stretches through the heart of the 7th arrondissement, lined with classic Parisian architecture and chic boutiques. What makes it truly special, however, is the stunning views it offers of the Eiffel Tower as you wander towards it. The tower seems to play hide and seek between the buildings, creating a delightful surprise for any photographer.

Early morning is my favorite time to visit, when the soft light bathes the facades in gold and the streets are quiet enough to capture that perfect, uninterrupted shot. Whether it’s fashion shots or casual strolls, Rue Saint-Dominique provides a picturesque setting that embodies the spirit of Paris.

Place Vendôme

Place Vendôme is a symbol of Parisian elegance, where luxury and history converge in a stunning square. Surrounded by exquisite architecture and renowned boutiques, it’s a grand setting for photography. For me, Place Vendôme holds a special place in my heart, especially during Christmas.

The festive decorations and the twinkling lights transform it into a winter wonderland, making it one of my favorite spots to capture Christmas decorations in Paris. The Vendôme Column, standing proudly at the center, adds a touch of historical grandeur to the luxurious backdrop.

Parisian Cafés

A woman engrossed in reading a menu at a quintessential Parisian café terrace, wearing a white dress paired with black combat boots, capturing a relaxed yet fashionable moment at one of Paris instagram spots.

There’s something irresistibly chic about the cafés in Paris, making them a must-snap for any Instagram feed. Picture this: sipping a steaming café au lait at a tiny table, surrounded by the buzz of the city and the clink of spoons against porcelain. Each café boasts its own flair—whether it’s adorned with art nouveau details, bursting with blooming flower boxes, or offering a view of bustling street life.

I love capturing the essence of Parisian café culture, from the elegant waiter in a crisp apron to the artfully arranged pastries that are almost too pretty to eat. These snapshots not only showcase delicious treats but also the everyday elegance of Paris, making cafés not just a place to refuel but a key part of the city’s charm on Instagram.

Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge, an emblem of the bohemian spirit of Montmartre, offers more than just its iconic red windmill for a stunning photograph. At night, when its lights illuminate the Boulevard de Clichy, the ambiance around this historic cabaret is electrifying.

Capturing its glowing facade, with the bustling nightlife in the foreground, creates an image that encapsulates the essence of Parisian nightlife and its timeless allure.

Louvre Pyramid

Confidently posing in a chic black dress, a woman stands in front of the Louvre Pyramid, an architectural marvel and a top Paris instagram spots, blending history with modern elegance.

Striking a pose in front of the Louvre Pyramid is an absolute must-do in Paris! It’s this epic mix of cool modern vibes with a serious dose of history right behind it. Honestly, nothing says ‘Parisian chic’ quite like this glass masterpiece glittering in the sun. It’s my go-to for that sleek, edgy shot that pops on the feed.

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Pro tip: Snag that pic at dusk when the lights turn up the drama, and the crowds are low – it’s pure magic. Trust me, it’s the ultimate blend of artsy and Insta-worthy!


Stepping into Sainte-Chapelle is like entering a realm of stained glass and light. The upper chapel, with its 15 magnificent windows, each depicting biblical scenes in vibrant hues, creates an awe-inspiring atmosphere. The way sunlight dances through the glass, casting colorful shadows, offers a surreal photography experience.

Experimenting with different angles can capture the intricate details of the glass or the overall grandeur of the chapel. Additionally, the ornate patterns and rich colors provide a stunning contrast against the Gothic architecture. Visit during a sunny afternoon when the light is at its peak, turning the chapel into a rainbow-colored sanctuary.Paris instagram spots


A beaming woman in a flowing beige dress stands before the iconic red METROPOLITAIN sign of the Parisian subway in Montmartre, capturing a charming moment at one of the best Paris instagram spots

Montmartre, with its cobbled streets and artistic heritage, is like a living canvas. The area around Place du Tertre, bustling with artists and quaint cafés, offers a glimpse into the bohemian Paris of yesteryears. A walk down the Rue de l’Abreuvoir reveals charming houses bathed in soft, pastel colors, presenting a perfect Instagrammable backdrop.

The steps of Sacré-Cœur, providing a panoramic view of Paris, are ideal for capturing the city’s skyline, especially during sunset when the city lights start to twinkle. Hidden corners like the vine-covered walls of Rue Saint-Rustique offer a serene escape, perfect for those candid shots. Montmartre’s allure lies in its ability to transport you to a bygone era, making every photograph a timeless treasure.

Notre-Dame Cathedral

The iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral, an epitome of French Gothic architecture, currently stands as a poignant reminder of the devastating fire of 2019. While it is not accessible for close-up photography at the moment, its impressive facade can still be admired from a distance.

The area around the cathedral, especially the bridges along the Seine, offer a vantage point to capture its enduring beauty. Once restoration is complete, Notre-Dame will undoubtedly reclaim its place as a prime spot for photographers eager to capture its historic grandeur and detailed craftsmanship.

Galeries Lafayette Rooftop

The Galeries Lafayette terrace is more than just a shopping destination; it’s one of my favorite free things to do in Paris. This rooftop offers a sweeping panoramic view of the city that is breathtakingly beautiful, especially at sunset.

The way the sun dips below the horizon, casting a golden hue over landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Opera Garnier, is a sight to behold. It’s a place where one can truly appreciate the grandeur of Paris while basking in the beauty of the moment.

Sacre-Cœur Basilica

Rising above Montmartre, the Sacre-Cœur Basilica, with its stunning white domes, offers a breath-taking view of Paris. Climbing the steps to the basilica is a journey in itself, perfect for capturing those ‘exploring Paris’ moments. The panoramic views from the top are Instagram gold, especially during sunset when the city lights start twinkling.

The basilica’s white stone contrasts beautifully against the blue Parisian sky, making for striking architectural shots. Don’t forget to explore the surrounding Montmartre area for more artistic, street-style photography. Whether it’s a selfie with the basilica in the background or a scenic cityscape, Sacre-Cœur never disappoints.

Palais-Royal Garden

A serene woman in a gingham dress closes her eyes and enjoys a tranquil moment in the Palais-Royal Garden, with lush greenery and an elegant statue in the background, a hidden gem among the best Paris Instagram spots.

The Palais-Royal Gardens are my secret garden spot in the heart of Paris. It’s where trimmed lawns, neatly lined trees, and elegant fountains whisper the tales of a bygone era. Here, the air is different – it’s calmer, scented with the fragrance of blooming flowers and cherry blossoms and the gentle sound of water features. I love capturing the essence of Parisian sophistication in this outdoor sanctuary.

Whether it’s a sun-kissed selfie on the lush lawns or a candid with playful sparrows, each shot here marries the garden’s natural beauty with the historic palace’s splendor. It’s like stepping into a living Impressionist painting where every corner promises a perfect, peaceful snap for your feed.

Colonnes de Buren

A radiant woman in a burgundy top and black leather skirt sits on one of the Colonnes de Buren in the Palais Royal, her smile reflecting the playfulness of this must-visit Paris instagram spots
A woman walks between the grand stone columns of Palais-Royal, wearing a burgundy top and black skirt, with rows of elegant lanterns above, a popular Paris instagram spots

In the grand courtyard of Palais-Royal, the Colonnes de Buren rise up with their striking black and white stripes, offering a bold backdrop that screams ‘chic Parisian’. This art installation is a hotspot for influencers and selfie-seekers alike, playing with the stark contrast and geometric patterns.

I love to get creative here, finding new angles and perspectives—sometimes I’m lounging across a column, next I’m capturing their symmetry against the Paris sky. It’s all about that graphic look that just grabs attention. And when the sun casts long, dramatic shadows, it’s pure Instagram gold. The vibe? It’s fun, it’s fresh, it’s a little slice of contemporary art in the midst of Paris’s classic architecture. Paris instagram spots

Place de la Concorde

Place de la Concorde isn’t just big, it’s epic—a spectacle of Parisian pride with the Luxor Obelisk standing tall and fountains that dance with light. It’s a crossroad of historical avenues, where every corner boasts a photo op.

Snapping pics here as the sun dips low, with the Champs-Élysées and the Arc de Triomphe in the frame, is pure magic. And those twilight moments? When the city lights up and the obelisk glows under the night sky? Absolutely unbeatable for that luxe, legendary Paris shot. Paris instagram spots

Rue Crémieux

A woman smiles radiantly in a soft pink dress on Rue Crémieux, known for its colorful houses and cobblestone street, a picturesque and popular Paris instagram spots

Rue Crémieux is not just another street in Paris; it’s a vibrant burst of color and charm, a delightful deviation from the city’s classic architecture. This picturesque street, with its row of pastel-colored houses and quaint windows, is, in my opinion, one of the prettiest streets in Paris.

I love taking leisurely strolls here, each house telling a different story through its unique hue and décor. It’s a place where every step uncovers a new angle for a perfect, lively photo. This hidden gem is a must-visit for anyone looking to capture the more whimsical side of Paris.

Shakespeare and Company Bookstore

Shakespeare and Company, an iconic English bookstore in Paris, is located on the Left Bank with views of Notre-Dame. Its facade, brimming with timeless charm, is as captivating as the literary treasures it houses.

This bookstore isn’t just a photo spot; it’s a testament to the city’s artistic and intellectual heritage. Photographing its quaint exterior and the labyrinth of books inside captures a unique and cerebral side of Paris.

Seine River Banks

A woman in a delicate white dress and combat boots poses with the Seine River behind her, highlighting the juxtaposition of romantic and edgy styles at this quintessential Paris instagram spots, with the Pont Neuf in the distance.

Strolling along the Seine River offers a quintessentially Parisian experience. The riverside, particularly at sunset, provides a mesmerizing backdrop with historic bridges and the reflections of city lights on water. Capture the essence of Paris as you photograph the river with iconic landmarks in the background. Paris instagram spots


In the heart of the Latin Quarter, the Panthéon stands as a grand monument of neoclassical design. Its imposing facade and striking dome are not only architecturally significant but also create a majestic backdrop for photographs.

The symmetry of its columns and the intricate details of its sculptures capture the essence of Parisian grandeur. As the sun sets, the building bathes in a golden light, offering a moment of awe and a perfect opportunity for a timeless photograph.

The Louvre Museum

A woman stands admiring the Winged Victory of Samothrace, an iconic marble sculpture, at the Louvre Museum, one of the best Paris Instagram spots.

The Louvre Museum isn’t just a treasure trove of art—it’s one of the best Instagram spots in Paris. From the iconic glass pyramid contrasting with the historic Louvre Palace to the stunning sculptures and picturesque Tuileries Garden surrounding it, every angle is a photo op waiting to happen.

Whether you’re snapping the mystical Mona Lisa, the grand palace facades, or catching those dreamy, lit-up night views, the Louvre serves major visual vibes. It’s the perfect blend of old-world charm and sleek modernism, making every post from here absolutely Insta-worthy. Hit it up at golden hour or nightfall to really see those likes soar.

Wall of Love (Le Mur des Je t’aime)

Le Mur des Je t’aime, or the Wall of Love, is a hidden jewel in Montmartre and one of my personal favorites. This fascinating art installation, with ‘I love you’ inscribed in over 250 languages, offers a unique and heartfelt photo backdrop.

Each visit for me is a delightful challenge to see how many languages I can recognize on the wall. It’s not just a spot for a photo; it’s a celebration of love’s universal language, making it a profoundly moving and visually captivating place.

Passerelle Debilly

A woman stands on the Passerelle Debilly, gazing at the illuminated Eiffel Tower during twilight. This serene vantage point is a less-known but stunning Paris instagram spots, perfect for reflective moments.

The Passerelle Debilly is Paris’s open secret for those epic sunset shots. This footbridge isn’t just a pathway; it’s a stage for the sun’s evening performance, painting the sky with strokes of pink and orange. As the daylight fades, the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower against the fiery backdrop makes for an insta-perfect moment.

I love to time my visits just as the sun dips and the city transitions into twilight. The reflections on the Seine add that extra touch of sparkle to any photo. Whether it’s a poised, pensive look into the distance or a joyful twirl captured in the soft sunset glow, Passerelle Debilly is the spot where even the simplest poses turn into mesmerizing memories on your feed. Paris instagram spots

Musée d’Orsay Clock

Within the artistic walls of the Musée d’Orsay, the giant clock presents a mesmerizing photo opportunity. This clock is not just a timepiece but a window to the Paris skyline, offering a unique blend of art and views. Framing the Seine and city landmarks through its glass face creates a captivating juxtaposition of the interior’s historic charm against the backdrop of modern Paris.

Paris Rooftops

A woman dressed in elegant black lace poses seated on a rooftop ledge, with a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower and Parisian rooftops in the background, epitomizing the allure of the best Paris instagram spots

Venturing onto the rooftops of Paris has been one of my most exhilarating experiences. While finding the perfect rooftop spot can sometimes be a bit daring, and perhaps skirting the edges of legality, the reward is unparalleled.

Standing atop these buildings, camera in hand, with the Eiffel Tower rising majestically in the background, is a moment of pure awe. Capturing this unique angle of Paris, especially as the city lights start to twinkle at dusk, has given me some once-in-a-lifetime photos that encapsulate the adventurous spirit of photography.


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