The 13 Best Wine Bars in Paris 2024

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best wine bars in paris
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Paris, the city renowned for its rich culinary and vinicultural heritage, boasts an array of exquisite wine bars that attract connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

However, with such a plethora of choices, finding the truly exceptional spots can be daunting, especially for visitors or even locals seeking a memorable wine experience.

As a long-time resident of Paris and a devoted oenophile, I’ve navigated this challenge by exploring countless venues across the city.

My journey through quaint alleys and bustling boulevards has equipped me with insider knowledge on where to find the finest vintages and the most inviting atmospheres.

In this guide, I’ll share my personal recommendations for the best wine bars in Paris, ensuring you savor top-notch selections in charming settings without the usual hit-or-miss.

If you are in a hurry, here’s a summary of the best wine bars in Paris:

Delicatessen Place

Recently, this little location next to Delicatessen Cave has gained attention as a destination, drawing in a rotating roster of talented chefs who come to cook a short but delectable menu during their residencies. Hugh Corcorran’s tripe stew from his time as a resident is ingrained in people’s memories. Arrive early and select a bottle from the cave to be delivered next door for a nominal corkage fee.

One of the best caves in the city is Delicatessen, which boasts an endless array of fine bottles, such as new Burgundy from Arnaud Lopez, Champagne from Etienne Calsac, and exciting Juracon from Domaine Lajibe. No matter who lives there, the vibes are always high in this cozy area, so grab a bottle and some food or plan to stay the entire evening—an occurrence that gets harder to avoid every time you come. Best Wine Bars in Paris

Septime La Cave

Two glasses of rosé wine sit on a glossy gold counter, reflecting a lively bar scene, capturing the essence of Septime La Cave, celebrated for its curated wine selection among the best wine bars in Paris.

Septime La Cave, with its constantly updated wine list displayed on a classic plastic letter board, is a beloved eight-year-old wine bar. It opens daily at 4 p.m., attracting a crowd quickly, making it an ideal post-lunch destination. Located near its sibling eateries, Clamato and Septime, it’s perfect for a food crawl in the 11th arrondissement.

Start at Clamato for oysters and a fizzy drink, enjoy a traditional meal at Paul Bert, then cap off your day at Septime La Cave with a refreshing Swiss cider from Cidrerie du Vulcain. Weather permitting, enjoy your drink outside or grab an indoor seat to enjoy a backdrop of classic hip hop. For a daring end to your day, consider dining at the renowned Septime.

Le Mary Celeste

A glass of golden wine rests on a table with the inscription 'Le Mary Celeste,' offering a glimpse into the cozy, festive atmosphere of Paris's revered wine bars, complete with twinkling lights and classic stone pavement views.

Going to this late-night (till 2am) spot is usually a must when visiting Paris; the crowd is laid back, the cocktails are excellent, and if you need one last drink before calling it a day, the low-key good bottle list is available. There are moments when it seems like every path leads to Le Mary Celeste.

On most travels, you will undoubtedly run into the same kind of person who piqued your interest earlier in the evening. This is due to the fact that it’s always enjoyable, has a fantastic atmosphere, first-rate service, and is the ideal place to wind down at night. Instead of finishing that last bottle, consider sipping a cool vesper martini. Best Wine Bars in Paris

The Butcher of Paris

A glass of red wine next to a bottle of 'Vin de France '19 Communes' by Patrick Corbineau, positioned on an outdoor table, with the street life of Paris blurred in the background, a scene evoking the relaxed pleasure of the city's best wine bars.

Part butcher shop, part deli, the stall at Paris’ oldest covered market, Marché des Enfants Rouges, is a prime spot for a casual lunch. Named after a 16th-century orphanage that once occupied the site, this market not only offers excellent meat sourced from across France but also serves a top-notch croque monsieur. Daily specials are grilled to order, perfect with vegetables and a choice from their impressive wine selection, including offerings from esteemed Beaujolais producers like the late Julie Balagny.

Ideal for breakfast too, with fresh bread, cheese, and morning Beaujolais. While the market bustles with diverse food stalls—from seafood platters to Moroccan tagines—it’s vibrant yet crowded, with a few tourist traps. Nonetheless, The Butcher of Paris offers some of the best seating in this lively setting.

Le Barav

Foreground focus on a glass of white wine with 'Le Barav' etched onto it, alongside another glass of red wine, symbolizing the relaxed yet sophisticated tasting experiences at Paris's finest wine bars.

Located in the heart of the vibrant Le Marais district, Le Barav stands out as a favorite among both locals and tourists. This cozy wine bar offers an intimate ambiance coupled with an extensive selection of French wines, primarily sourced from smaller, boutique wineries. The knowledgeable staff at Le Barav are passionate about vino, always ready to share the stories behind their wines, making each visit not only a tasting but an educational experience.

The bar also features a rotating selection of wines by the glass, ensuring there’s always something new to try. What’s more, Le Barav operates its own adjacent wine shop, allowing guests to purchase a bottle of their newfound favorite to take home. This seamless integration of bar and shop provides a unique convenience that enhances the overall experience, making Le Barav a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the depth of French wine culture in Paris.

Augustin Marchand d’Vins

Intimate ambiance at one of the best wine bars in Paris, showcasing a candlelit table set for two with glasses of red wine, against a backdrop of patrons and a glowing neon sign in reverse reflection through a window.

Explore the 6th arrondissement for a refreshing change from the bustling 11th. Augustin Marchand d’Vins welcomes you with its striking red neon Baroque facade. Inside, the warmth of Augustin Marchand’s hospitality shines as he guides you through an impressive collection of low intervention wines from renowned winemakers like Jean François Ganevat and Jerome Saurigny, to rising stars such as Pauline Maziou.

The menu, though concise and vegetable-centric, changes weekly, featuring one or two hot dishes. Marchand, a gracious host, often shares his current favorite drink and makes tailored recommendations for curious guests. A visit here might just make you question why you haven’t ventured beyond the 11th sooner. Best Wine Bars in Paris

Ô Château

An inviting wine tasting setup at Ô Château, one of the best wine bars in paris, with multiple glasses of white wine sequentially numbered, ready for patrons to savor and compare, set against a backdrop of wine bottles and rustic decor.

Ô Château, located in the heart of Paris, is a gem for wine lovers seeking both variety and quality. Winner of the Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence, this wine bar offers over 50 wines by the glass and a list that features an impressive array of French and international selections. The ambiance is both elegant and relaxed, making it perfect for intimate evenings or casual afternoons.

The knowledgeable staff, always eager to share their expertise, enhances the experience by helping guests navigate the extensive menu. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned enthusiast, Ô Château provides a delightful exploration of wine in a setting that embodies Parisian chic.

Le Clown Bar

A bottle of 2016 Podere Pradarolo Vej Bianco Antico wine featured on a table with a half-filled glass, against the lively street view and iconic entrance of Le Clown Bar, a must-visit for enthusiasts exploring the best wine bars in Paris.

Even though it has been a while since its heyday, this opulently decorated bar is still a worthwhile visit. Though Clown’s famous brain dish always steals the show, the other dishes on the menu are also worth trying, like the sweetbreads and the veal head croquettes.

Top winemakers from intriguing regions like Alsace and Auvergne, like Patrick Bouju and Bruno Schueller, have back vintages that are reason alone to visit when I’m in town. Serve with a typical Parisian demeanor, acting as though you are an expert. With that delicate brain, I recently enjoyed a volcanic gamay from Francois Dhumes, served in a delicate but fragrant dashi—a match made in heaven.


An animated scene inside best wine bars in Paris, showcasing a man in glasses and an apron standing behind a bar filled with empty wine bottles and glasses, ready for service. The bar's vibrant and eclectic décor, including a hanging sculpture and artwork of a gorilla, adds to the unique atmosphere of this Parisian wine bar, a go-to spot for wine enthusiasts.

L’Etiquette, a charming wine cave and bar à vin on a Seine island near Notre Dame, offers a warm welcome in Paris’s heart. Its eye-catching pale blue facade and unique cork display invite you inside, where you might find owner Herve Lethielleux mingling with guests over a dice game.

Known for its impressive selection of wines, from innovative natural producers like Les Barioles to established favorites like Domaine Labet, L’Etiquette also surprises with rare finds like Tino Kuban’s Maison Glandien. Herve’s expertise shines as he hosts spontaneous blind tastings, creating unforgettable experiences. Pair your wine with fresh oysters from across the street, and you might just lose track of time, happily missing your dinner plans.

Frenchie Bar à Vin

Close-up view of a red wine glass at Frenchie Bar à Vin, one of the cozy best wine bars in Paris. The wine glass, etched with the word 'FRENCHIE', is partially filled with red wine, with a background glimpse of the bar's warm, inviting interior and reflective windows showing the bustling Paris streets at night.

Frenchie Bar à Vins, located in the vibrant 2nd arrondissement, stands as a beacon for those in pursuit of an authentic Parisian wine bar experience. This intimate spot, an offshoot of the acclaimed Frenchie Restaurant across the street, offers a carefully curated selection of wines that perfectly complement its inventive small plates. Best Wine Bars in Paris

The ambiance is cozy and welcoming, with exposed brick walls and soft lighting, creating an ideal setting for an evening of leisurely sipping and tasting. Whether you’re a seasoned wine aficionado or a curious novice, Frenchie’s knowledgeable staff will guide you through their impressive European and local French wines, ensuring every glass is a discovery and every visit is unforgettable.

A Lot of Wine

A whimsical display of metallic balloon letters spelling 'A LOT OF WINE' hovering above an array of diverse wine bottles on wooden shelves, indicative of the variety and charm found at the best wine bars in Paris.

You will literally know you’re in the right place once you step outside of this wine bar because of its memorable name and the enormous blow-up balloons in the window that read “a lot of wine.” The wine bar is located close to the Seine River.

This cozy bar has a laid-back vibe and a menu that includes a wide variety of wines and non-alcoholic beverages. In addition, they provide a selection of small plates, such as cheese and oysters.

La Buvette

La Buvette stands out in Paris for its minimalist approach, masterfully led by Camille Fourmont. The focus here is on quality, with Fourmont showcasing the best of rural France through simple yet sublime offerings. The wine list features exceptional choices, predominantly from the Loire Valley, including standout selections from Ettiene and Julien Courtois, and Domaine Bobinet.

Essential pairings include finely sourced cheese and charcuterie, notably the not-to-be-missed andouille and emblematic haricot bean snacks. Ideal for small groups due to limited space, allow Fourmont to guide your selections from the concise menu. While many global wine bars attempt to emulate La Buvette’s celebration of simplicity, few match its excellence.

Wine Therapy Bar à Vins & Bistrot Paris 9

Found in the vibrant 9th arrondissement of Paris, Wine Therapy Bar à Vins & Bistrot stands out as a gem for wine lovers. This cozy bistro not only offers a meticulously curated selection of French and international wines but also pairs them with delectable small plates that highlight the richness of local cuisine. The ambiance at Wine Therapy is both intimate and welcoming, making it ideal for a relaxed evening out.

What sets this venue apart is its commitment to educating guests about wine. Frequent tastings and knowledgeable staff ensure that whether you’re a novice or an aficionado, you’ll leave a little more enlightened about the world of wine. Wine Therapy is a must-visit for anyone looking to indulge in a sophisticated yet unpretentious wine dining experience.

Wine Tours in Paris

Craving an authentic Paris wine experience? Join a local wine tour and taste the city’s best wines. Book your vin adventure here!

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