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Bordeaux, a city renowned for its exquisite wine, is equally celebrated for its culinary excellence.

Discovering the best restaurants in Bordeaux France is an adventure through a gastronomic paradise, from cozy bistros to Michelin-starred restaurants.

However, with so many exceptional choices, deciding where to dine can be overwhelming for both locals and tourists. This guide is your solution, curated from personal experiences and extensive research into Bordeaux’s culinary scene.

My expertise comes from years of exploring the city’s eateries, delighting in everything from traditional French cuisine to contemporary gastronomic innovations.

Whether you crave an authentic Bordelais meal or a luxurious dining experience, this guide will navigate you to the finest dining establishments, ensuring an unforgettable culinary journey in Bordeaux.

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Best Time to Visit: Spring (April to June) or Fall (September to November) for pleasant weather and fewer crowds.




If you are in a hurry, here’s a summary of the 10 best restaurants in Bordeaux France:

Le Pressoir d’Argent


Le Pressoir d’Argent, a Michelin-starred restaurant by the renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, offers an unparalleled dining experience. Located in the luxurious InterContinental Bordeaux, this restaurant is the epitome of elegance and sophistication.


The restaurant is famous for its signature dishes, particularly the blue lobster and foie gras. These dishes are prepared with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing the finest ingredients and culinary techniques. The ambiance is equally impressive, with an elegant setting that complements the exquisite menu. The wine list is extensive, featuring some of the best Bordeaux wines, making it a perfect pairing with the refined dishes.

La Tupina


La Tupina is a traditional French bistro that exudes rustic charm. It is a beloved institution in Bordeaux, known for its authentic Southwestern French cuisine.


The restaurant’s signature dishes include duck confit and cassoulet, both of which are prepared using traditional recipes and locally sourced ingredients. The atmosphere at La Tupina is cozy and homely, making it an ideal spot for a relaxed meal. The use of local, seasonal ingredients ensures that every dish is fresh and flavorful. restaurants in bordeaux france

Le Quatrième Mur


Le Quatrième Mur is a modern brasserie by the acclaimed chef Philippe Etchebest. Situated within the historic Bordeaux Grand Theatre, this restaurant combines culinary excellence with an elegant setting.


The restaurant offers a seasonal tasting menu that showcases Philippe Etchebest’s innovative approach to French cuisine. The dishes are crafted with precision and creativity, providing a delightful culinary experience. The setting is elegant with a touch of modernity, enhancing the overall dining experience. Le Quatrième Mur is known for its excellent value, making Michelin-starred cuisine accessible.

Le Comptoir Cuisine


Le Comptoir Cuisine is a contemporary restaurant known for its innovative approach to French cuisine. Located in the heart of Bordeaux, it offers a vibrant dining experience with a focus on fresh, local ingredients and modern culinary techniques. restaurants in bordeaux france


The menu at Le Comptoir Cuisine features a variety of creative dishes that blend traditional French flavors with modern twists. Signature dishes include foie gras with exotic fruits and a unique take on beef tartare. The stylish and modern decor provides a chic backdrop for a memorable dining experience. The restaurant is also known for its impressive selection of wines, with a focus on Bordeaux labels. restaurants in bordeaux france

Le Chapon Fin

A gourmet dish from one of the best restaurants in Bordeaux, France, featuring perfectly cooked game meat, creamy mashed potatoes, and garnished with sautéed mushrooms, green herbs, and a delicate foam.


Le Chapon Fin is a historic restaurant that dates back to 1825. It is renowned for its opulent interior and classic French cuisine, making it a symbol of Bordeaux’s culinary heritage.


Signature dishes at Le Chapon Fin include lobster and truffle dishes, which are prepared with a touch of elegance and sophistication. The stunning Rococo-style dining room adds to the restaurant’s charm, creating a luxurious dining atmosphere. The wine list is extensive, with a strong focus on Bordeaux wines. restaurants in bordeaux france

Pro Travel Tip: Looking to enjoy the best food in Bordeaux? I recommend joining a Bordeaux Food and Wine Tour and enjoy all of the local delicacies, including entrecôte à la Bordelaise, cannelés, and wine. Also, in France – people make reservations for almost every meal which is part of the culture. If you try to swim upstream and not make an RSVP you’ll come home complaining. If you make RSVP in advance, you’ll come home full of happy memories. You decide!


A visually stunning dish from one of the best restaurants in Bordeaux, France, featuring seared duck breast on a bed of creamy lentils, garnished with vibrant green vegetables, purple cauliflower, and sprinkled with crispy bits.


Symbiose is a trendy restaurant and cocktail bar that offers innovative, contemporary cuisine. It is a favorite among locals and visitors for its stylish ambiance and creative dishes.


Symbiose is known for its fusion dishes that blend French and international flavors, resulting in a unique and exciting menu. The stylish, modern decor adds to the dining experience, making it a great spot for a night out. The restaurant also features a creative cocktail menu that perfectly complements the food.

Le Petit Commerce

A beautifully plated dish from one of the best restaurants in Bordeaux, France, featuring a fillet of grilled fish drizzled with herb-infused oil, accompanied by roasted vegetables and a wedge of lemon for garnish.


Le Petit Commerce is a popular seafood restaurant known for its fresh and locally-sourced seafood. The casual and lively atmosphere makes it a favorite among both locals and tourists.


The restaurant’s signature dishes include fresh oysters and seafood platters, which are always in high demand. The bustling, friendly ambiance creates a welcoming environment for diners. The commitment to using fresh, locally-sourced seafood ensures that every dish is of the highest quality.


A sophisticated dish from one of the best restaurants in Bordeaux, France, showcasing tender grilled octopus served with a flavorful broth, accompanied by a fresh fennel salad and garnished with herbs.


Racines is a farm-to-table restaurant that emphasizes organic produce and sustainable practices. It offers a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for a wholesome meal.


Racines’ signature dishes include seasonal vegetable dishes and sustainable seafood, all prepared with fresh, organic ingredients. The restaurant’s eco-friendly practices reflect a commitment to sustainability and responsible dining. The cozy, relaxed atmosphere adds to the charm of this delightful eatery. restaurants in bordeaux france

Restaurant Influences

A beautifully crafted dish from one of the best restaurants in Bordeaux, France, featuring a succulent piece of roasted poultry with crispy skin, accompanied by glazed vegetables, vibrant beet puree, and delicate edible flowers.


Restaurant Influences offers an innovative dining experience with a focus on seasonal ingredients and creative presentation. Led by Chef Frédéric Coiffé, the restaurant provides a culinary journey that blends traditional French cuisine with global influences. restaurants in bordeaux france


The menu at Influences is dynamic and changes regularly to incorporate the freshest ingredients. Signature dishes often feature a blend of French culinary techniques and international flavors, making each meal a unique experience. The intimate and modern setting enhances the dining experience, making it perfect for a special night out.

Le Gabriel

A refined dish from one of the best restaurants in Bordeaux, France, featuring a succulent piece of poultry accompanied by a creamy sauce, garnished with delicate herbs and paired with small, roasted vegetables.


Le Gabriel is an elegant restaurant that offers panoramic views of the Place de la Bourse. It is renowned for its gourmet French cuisine and luxurious setting.


Le Gabriel’s signature dishes feature gourmet French cuisine prepared with the finest ingredients. The luxurious, refined setting and the stunning view of the Place de la Bourse create a memorable dining experience. The extensive wine list showcases some of the best Bordeaux wines, perfectly complementing the exquisite dishes. restaurants in bordeaux france

Additional Tips

Budget Considerations

Dining in Bordeaux can range from affordable bistros to high-end gourmet experiences. To enjoy Bordeaux’s culinary scene on a budget, look for lunch specials or prix-fixe menus, which often offer excellent value.

Booking Tips

Reservations are essential at many of Bordeaux’s top restaurants, especially on weekends and during peak tourist seasons. Booking in advance ensures you secure a table and enjoy a seamless dining experience. restaurants in bordeaux france

Local Specialties

When in Bordeaux, make sure to try local specialties such as canelés (small, caramelized cakes), Bordeaux wines, and regional dishes like entrecôte à la bordelaise (steak with a red wine sauce). These culinary delights are a true taste of the region and should not be missed.

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