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Looking for Paris hotels with triple rooms? Then you’re in the right place!

Paris, a city renowned for its unparalleled charm and beauty, also presents a unique challenge for large families seeking spacious accommodation. The quest to find the perfect hotel room that offers enough space for everyone, without compromising on comfort or breaking the bank, can seem daunting.

This is where triple rooms come into play, offering an ideal solution for families needing that extra bed. In this blog, we’ll explore the best Paris hotels offering triple rooms, ensuring that your family trip to this enchanting city is as comfortable and memorable as possible.

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Short on time? Some of the best options for Paris hotels with triple rooms are:

❤️ Elysées Union Paris Hôtel – I personally recommend hotel for its perfect blend of Parisian charm and modern amenities. Located near the iconic Eiffel Tower.

🏨Hotel Odeon Saint Germain – Offers a blend of classic Parisian elegance and modern comfort, ideal for experiencing the city’s artistic and cultural heart.

💰Hôtel Albert 1er Paris Lafayette – Offering a budget-friendly stay with functional comfort.

If you are in a hurry, here’s a summary of the best Paris hotels with triple rooms:

Benefits of Choosing Paris Hotels With Triple Rooms

When it comes to hotel accommodations, understanding the benefits a triple room offers is crucial, especially for families.

Typically, these rooms provide a combination of bedding options, such as a double bed and a single bed, or three single beds, catering to the different needs of a family. This flexibility is essential for ensuring everyone’s comfort.

Moreover, amenities like flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi are often standard, allowing for relaxing downtime after a day of exploring Paris. Space is a valuable commodity in any city hotel, and triple rooms are designed to maximize it, ensuring that families have enough room to unwind without feeling cramped.

These rooms strike the perfect balance between comfort and practicality, making them an excellent choice for families seeking a hassle-free stay in Paris.

Top Picks for Paris Hotels with Triple Rooms

A luxurious hotel room with a vibrant fuchsia wall and exposed red ceiling beams, creating a bold statement. The room features a large bed with crisp white linens, an artistic geometric headboard, and a unique floor lamp with vertical lights. Completing the opulent decor are a plush velvet chair, animal print drapes, and a vintage-inspired desk, blending contemporary design with classic glamour.

Hotel Saint-Marc

Nestled in the heart of Paris, Hotel Saint-Marc offers a blend of luxury and comfort, perfect for families.

Their triple rooms, featuring a double bed and a single bed, are spacious and elegantly furnished. The hotel’s location is ideal for exploring nearby attractions like the Louvre and Opéra Garnier.

Unique amenities include an exquisite garden, where families can relax after a day of sightseeing, and a wellness area for a rejuvenating experience.

Bright and elegant twin room in a Paris hotel featuring two single beds with white linens and burgundy runners, a wall-mounted flat-screen TV, and decorative artwork. The room is completed with a work desk, plush curtains framing a balcony door, and tasteful ambient lighting.

Elysées Union Paris Hôtel

During my visit to Paris, I had the pleasure of staying at the Elysées Union Paris Hôtel, and the experience was nothing short of delightful. Nestled in a prime location, this charming hotel captures the essence of Parisian elegance and provides an ideal base for exploring the city.

Staying in one of their single rooms, I was pleasantly surprised by the harmonious blend of comfort and style. The room, though compact, was impeccably designed to maximize space without sacrificing comfort.

It was the perfect retreat after a day filled with adventures in the bustling streets of Paris. The plush bedding and serene ambiance of the room provided a peaceful night’s sleep, recharging me for the next day’s explorations.

Whether for families staying in triple rooms or solo travelers like myself, the hotel caters to all guests with the same high standard of hospitality, making it a top recommendation for anyone visiting this enchanting city.

A bright, contemporary hotel room with a large bed and a single bed, both adorned with neutral tones and a pop of yellow from decorative pillows. The room features a sleek, wall-mounted television, a well-appointed work desk with a small flower arrangement, and an inviting, minimalist aesthetic.

Hotel Le Colisée Paris

Hotel Le Colisée, situated near the famous Champs-Élysées, is an excellent choice for families seeking both comfort and convenience.

The triple rooms are tastefully decorated, offering a peaceful retreat with modern amenities like flat-screen TVs and air conditioning.

Its proximity to iconic landmarks like the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower makes it a prime location for families looking to immerse themselves in the Parisian experience.

A modern hotel room with twin beds featuring white linens and deep purple bed runners, a wall-mounted television, and a glass-enclosed shower visible in the background. The room is accented with a work desk, a bouquet of fresh flowers, and soft recessed lighting, creating a welcoming and functional space.

Hotel Elysees Ceramic

Hotel Elysees Ceramic, with its distinctive Art Nouveau façade, offers a unique stay experience.

The hotel’s triple rooms are a perfect mix of style and functionality, ideal for families seeking a blend of Parisian charm and modern amenities.

It’s conveniently located close to major attractions, including the Arc de Triomphe, making it an excellent choice for families looking to explore Paris with ease.

A romantic and vintage-styled hotel room featuring a large bed with a burgundy velvet headboard and matching drapes with a floral pattern. Exposed wooden ceiling beams add character to the room, which also includes classic furniture, a desk with a lamp, and sheer curtains that allow for a warm, diffused light.

Hotel Odeon Saint Germain

Hotel Odeon Saint Germain is a jewel in the heart of the Saint Germain district, encapsulating the artistic and literary spirit of Paris. Within its walls, one finds an ambiance of quiet sophistication and charm, characteristic of the Left Bank.

The hotel’s design, with an emphasis on classic French elegance, creates an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. Its prime location offers guests the opportunity to explore iconic nearby attractions such as the Luxembourg Gardens and the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Furthermore, the hotel’s proximity to quaint cafes, bookshops, and galleries allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Saint Germain.

The combination of its serene environment, central location, and attentive service makes Hotel Odeon Saint Germain an excellent choice for those seeking an authentic Parisian experience.

Vibrant hotel room with a striking red accent wall and two single beds with plush brown runners and pillows. Vintage style is reflected in the distressed wardrobe, ornate gold-framed mirrors, and classic patterned carpet, alongside a tray with a teapot and cups hinting at a cozy atmosphere.

Hotel des 2 Continents

Nestled in the vibrant Saint Germain des Prés, Hotel des 2 Continents perfectly blends comfort with a prime location.

This hotel, known for its welcoming atmosphere and personalized service, ensures a memorable stay in one of Paris’s most dynamic neighborhoods. Each room reflects a harmonious blend of modern comfort and traditional Parisian style, providing a peaceful retreat amidst the city’s hustle and bustle.

The hotel’s location is a major draw, with easy access to famed cafes like Café de Flore and a short walk to the Louvre and the Seine River. Guests at Hotel des 2 Continents enjoy not just the comforts of well-appointed rooms but also the convenience of being at the doorstep of Paris’s rich history and contemporary charm.

A well-lit, comfortable twin room with an airy ambiance, featuring two beds with white linens and chocolate brown accents. The room includes a classic chandelier, air conditioning units, framed artwork on the walls, and balcony doors allowing natural light to enhance the serene, inviting space.

Hotel Océanic

Hotel Océanic stands out as a beacon of comfort and affordability in the heart of Paris. Located near the grand Opera Garnier, this hotel is a favorite among families and budget travelers alike.

The rooms, including the triple rooms, offer a blend of practicality and Parisian charm, providing a cozy haven after a day of city exploration. The hotel’s proximity to major department stores, like the Galeries Lafayette, makes it a shopper’s paradise.

Additionally, the nearby metro stations open up the rest of Paris for exploration, making it convenient for guests to visit landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre. Hotel Océanic’s combination of location, comfort, and value makes it an ideal choice for those wanting to experience Paris without overspending.

A neat and compact hotel room with twin beds, clean white bedding, and a dark headboard, complemented by a striped sofa bed. The room's decor includes soft wall-mounted lights, framed artwork, and an air conditioning unit, offering a cozy and functional space for travelers.

Hotel Albert 1er Paris

For families prioritizing location and value, Hotel Albert 1er Paris is an excellent choice. The triple rooms are functional and comfortable, suitable for those who plan to spend their days exploring. Its proximity to Gare du Nord makes it incredibly convenient for families traveling by train.

A chic hotel room with a bold red tufted headboard contrasting against crisp white bedding. The beds are accented with houndstooth bedspreads and eclectic throw pillows, flanked by dark patterned curtains and soft lighting, creating an atmosphere of modern elegance with a classic touch.

Hôtel Marais HÔme

Located in the trendy Marais district, HOTEL MARAIS-HÔME offers chic triple rooms that are both stylish and family-friendly. The hotel is close to the Place des Vosges and the Picasso Museum, providing families with a culturally rich experience right at their doorstep.

A Paris-themed hotel room with twin beds covered in white linens and emerald green throws, accented by towels shaped like swans. A large mural of the Eiffel Tower spans the wall behind the beds, while natural light filters in through the blue curtains, enhancing the room's intimate and romantic atmosphere.

Turenne Marais

In the heart of the historic Marais district, Turenne Marais offers a charming stay, blending Parisian chic with modern amenities.

This boutique hotel, with its stylish decor and friendly staff, provides a warm and inviting atmosphere. The triple rooms are thoughtfully designed to accommodate families or small groups, ensuring comfort and convenience. Its location in the Marais district is a significant asset, placing guests amidst a maze of medieval streets, trendy boutiques, and vibrant nightlife.

The hotel is also within walking distance of landmarks like the Place des Vosges and the Picasso Museum, making it a perfect spot for those who wish to experience both the historical and fashionable sides of Paris.

Turenne Marais is an ideal choice for travelers seeking a stylish yet comfortable base in one of Paris’s most eclectic neighborhoods.

A cozy hotel room at night with a large double bed adorned with green accent pillows and a throw, a single bed to the right, and bedside lamps providing a warm glow. The room features a textured headboard and floor-to-ceiling windows with yellow drapes.

Elysees Regencia Hotel

The Elysees Regencia Hotel in Paris is a true embodiment of elegance and sophistication, a fact reflected in the multitude of five-star reviews it consistently receives from guests. Its reputation for excellence is well-deserved, as I discovered during my exploration of the best Parisian hotels for families.

The Elysees Regencia Hotel stands out for its exceptional guest experiences, as echoed in numerous reviews. Guests frequently praise the hotel for its impeccable service, luxurious ambiance, and attention to detail.

The staff’s commitment to providing a memorable stay is evident in every interaction, from the warm welcome at reception to the meticulous upkeep of the rooms and facilities. These glowing reviews highlight the hotel’s dedication to creating an environment where guests feel both pampered and at home.

Located in the prestigious 8th arrondissement, the Elysees Regencia Hotel offers an ideal base for exploring Paris. Its proximity to the famed Champs-Élysées means that guests are just a stone’s throw away from one of the most famous avenues in the world, lined with high-end shops, cafes, and theaters.

Final Thoughts on Paris Hotels with Triple Rooms

Paris offers a wide range of hotels with triple rooms, catering to the diverse needs of large families. From luxurious options with spa facilities to budget-friendly choices, there’s something for everyone in this romantic city. Hotels like Hotel Saint-Marc, Elysees Regencia Hotel, and Hotel Odeon Saint Germain not only provide the necessary space and comfort for families but also enhance the Parisian experience with their prime locations and unique amenities.

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