Travel Insurance for France: How to Stay Protected in 2024

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You’ve come to the perfect post — since I’ve been living in France since 2021. Upon finishing this article, you will have gained expert knowledge on travel insurance for France, as I am here to guide you through its complex travel insurance system.


As a travel writer and expat living in France, I am often asked about the best travel insurance plans.

Although there are many businesses, this article focuses on three that offer travel insurance. I’ve kept it basic with just three since they will be sufficient for the great majority of tourists and digital nomads in France.

  • Travel Insurance Master — A great place to compare travel insurance policies for France and find the best value.
  • SafetyWing — Top insurance for long-term visitors and digital nomads in France.

Think which things like the overall cost of the policy, your deductible, the coverage you need, your medical benefits, etc. to decide which insurance is best for you. Don’t worry; this article will address all of that and more.

Please note that I am not a salesman, broker, or specialist in insurance. Please get in touch with someone at the company that you’re purchasing the plan from if you have any particular queries regarding travel insurance coverage for France.

Top 3 Best France Travel Insurance Companies

If you’re looking to get French travel insurance, there are essentially only three companies that I suggest. Each of them is perfect for a different reason.

Though there are hundreds of companies available, I don’t see the need to complicate matters since these three would work for almost every tourist.

1. Travel Insurance Master

Travel Insurance for France
Searching for affordable French travel insurance? Travel Insurance Master finds the most affordable plan by searching several companies at once and providing you with multiple quotes in a matter of seconds.

They have streamlined and reduced the complicated world of travel insurance down to just five questions before providing you with a list of prices, which is ideal if you prefer to compare a broad range of possibilities.

2. SafetyWing Travel Insurance

Excellent for long-term visitors and digital nomads in France, monthly travel coverage start at $45 USD. Since I’m an expat living in France, SafetyWing is my insurance company.

Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads in France

SafetyWing: Insurance for Digital Nomads

A joyful woman with braided hair, wearing glasses and a yellow cardigan, is working on a laptop in a cozy cafe setting. On her table, there's a cup of coffee, a notebook, and some colorful pens, enhancing the pleasant and productive atmosphere.
As a customer, I think SafetyWing provides the most comprehensive health insurance for visiting France.

Long-term visitors and digital nomads who want to stay locally prefer SafetyWing. I personally use them since I believe they provide the most comprehensive health insurance for foreigners living in France and remote workers.

If you want to stay in France for an extended amount of time, SafetyWing is the ideal travel insurance company because of the country’s generous three-month/90-day tourist visa.

SafeWing insurance plans are very affordable, with monthly premiums as low as $45.08 USD (less than $600 USD for yearly travel insurance). I’m a customer of SafetyWing myself since this price is so amazing!

You can go to France with complete piece of mind and for very little money if you purchase basic plans that cover medical expenditures while in the country, basic medical bills, and travel emergencies.

👉 Get your FREE SafetyWing quote now!

Best France Travel Insurance Search Tool

Travel Insurance Master

A close-up view of a travel insurance form ready to be filled out, with a pen on top, alongside a passport holder, credit card, smartphone, and keychain, all laid out on a wooden surface as part of travel preparations.
Travel Insurance Master is the place to go if you want many offers at once for the best insurance for your trip to France.

As an online travel insurance aggregator, Travel Insurance Master offers your audience a simple solution.

Simple is the key word here! Travel Insurance Master’s groundbreaking search tool was featured in Forbes magazine due to its extreme simplification and streamlining of the procedure.

Their advanced algorithm selects the most suitable plan and rate from ten reliable suppliers, including Travelex, AIG, GoReady, Trawick International, IMG, and Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection, for your individual trip.

The easiest part is that all you have to do is respond to three to five questions to get your findings in an easy-to-read comparison table. ➡️ Look it up here.

A variety of advantages are also provided by Travel Insurance Master, such as Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) policies.

For additional security, flexibility, and peace of mind when traveling, they also provide one of the few Pandemic Plus Plans offered by any travel insurance provider.

➡️ Get your FREE quote from Travel Insurance Master now!


Promotional banner for 'Travel Insurance Master' with their logo, featuring a light blue suitcase adorned with a stylish hat, set against a matching blue background. The slogan 'Travel with peace of mind' accentuates the company's promise of a worry-free travel experience.
Travel Insurance Master instantly searches every company and provides you with a number of quotes in a matter of seconds.

Since things aren’t “back to normal” just yet, many companies have added Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) coverage. It is simple to determine which companies are covered by CFAR using Travel Insurance Master.


Make sure you understand every part of the policy, including the CFAR claim and your deductible, before purchasing a travel insurance coverage by taking the time to read the small print or giving the company a call.

France’s Best Travel Health Insurance

SafetyWing: Remote Health Plan

A doctor in a white coat and stethoscope is holding a miniature airplane between his hands, suggesting a concept of medical travel or healthcare services related to air travel and transport.
SafetyWing is the place to go if you need long-term insurance for visits to France or digital nomad insurance.

SafetyWing provides two plans: the Remote Health Plan and Digital Nomad Insurance.

The Remote Health Plan is essentially a medical health insurance plan for travelers, even if their digital nomad insurance plan provides long-term travelers with all the essential travel insurance coverage.

Plans that cover everything from hospital care, home health care from nurses, ambulance rides, inpatient surgery, visits to critical care units, and more start at around $210 USD per month.

For a shorter time, choose SafetyWing Digital Nomad Insurance since this plan is only offered on a monthly basis.

👉 Get your FREE quote from SafetyWing now!

🛳️ Are you looking for French cruise insurance? Travel Insurance Master offers France travel insurance coverage specifically designed for cruise passengers. Get a FREE price quotes from them.

5 Reasons to Purchase Travel Insurance for France

Travel Insurance for France

Here are five reasons to get travel insurance for your next vacation to France:

1️⃣ COVID Travel Insurance in France

With the pandemic in early 2020, the world was irrevocably altered. These days, Covid coverage is included in all France travel health insurance policies along with emergency medical coverage for all passengers.

2️⃣ Travel Medical Insurance Coverage in Emergencies

Nobody prepares for mishaps, bad weather, delayed travel, medical crises, lost luggage when traveling abroad, etc.

While keepsakes from your travels are wonderful, big, unexpected medical costs are hardly the kind of keepsakes you’ll treasure forever.

3️⃣ Cancellation of Trip Coverage for Changes You Make

If anything comes up when you plan your vacation to France, even if you may have a well-laid out itinerary, trip cancellation insurance will take care of it.

4️⃣ Travel Cancellation Insurance for Changes Made by Others

Modifications to your itinerary may be requested by your airline, cruise liner, or tour operator. Your travel insurance to France also covers you in situations like these.

In the event that a cancelled flight leaves you stuck in a city, insurance will pay for your hotel stay as well as other expenses.

5️⃣ Theft or Loss of Your Personal Effects and Baggage

Take comfort in knowing that you are covered for anything from a stolen laptop to your phone getting dropped in the pool or lost by the airline.

If you carry pricey stuff with you, such as designer clothes and sunglasses, jewelry, your computer, and camera equipment, theft prevention is imperative.

France Travel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legally Necessary to Get Travel Insurance When Visiting France?

No, it is not legally necessary for you to carry medical or general travel insurance for your trip to France.

At any airport, land border, or sea port in France, you won’t be asked to provide evidence of insurance upon arrival.

🤔 Is travel insurance necessary for Americans visiting France? Not at all!

These factors make the question “Should I get travel insurance for France?” more appropriate, and the answer is unquestionably “yes!”

You can safeguard your health, baggage, and property while visiting France, just like you would with your house, vehicle, or other assets.

Is It Possible to Use My Us Health Insurance in France?

No, it probably won’t for most travelers. It is always advisable to call your insurer and confirm directly with them because various insurers and plans may have different terms included that would provide you with coverage in France.

Are you still unsure about whether American health insurance is accepted in France? — or maybe more crucially, Will my French insurance accept American coverage?

Check with your US health insurance provider to see if they provide any kind of foreign health insurance that would cover France before acquiring a France international travel insurance policy.

What Kind of Coverage Is Necessary for France?

Actually, only Franch auto insurance is required. This is not even necessary for tourists who want to not drive in France.

If you intend to drive in France or travel there by car, the only type of French insurance that is legally required is car insurance 🚙💨

Discover Cars is who I usually use when renting a vehicle in France, and I always choose their full coverage insurance.

For complete peace of mind while traveling, it only costs me about $7 USD every day. Getting full coverage from French vehicle rental businesses is frequently far more expensive.

What Does Travel Insurance for France Not Cover?

Pre-existing medical issues are probably not covered by insurance for travel to France, just as they are not by almost all insurance companies these days. A denial of coverage may occur if you need medical attention or experience a medical emergency because of a pre-existing condition.

Should I Get Travel Insurance for France?

If there is one thing the Covid-19 epidemic has taught us, it is that anything may happen in life at any time. If there was one thing that was definite about pre-Covid travel, it was that things seldom, if ever, go as planned!

In fact, some travelers contend that since Covid made travel insurance a requirement rather than an optional purchase, it is more crucial than ever.

Even though it’s not legally necessary, many tourists get France travel insurance because of the peace of mind it offers.

Is the COVID-19 Vaccination Required for Travel to France?

No  Upon entering France, no one will verify your vaccination status. (If you haven’t noticed before, other having a valid passport, there are basically no entrance restrictions for France.)

Does France Have a Period of Quarantine?

No — It is not necessary for visitors to stay in quarantine in France for any length of time.

Is COVID Insurance Required in France?

No — When entering France, you are not legally obliged to provide any kind of health insurance plan or travel insurance.

Will My Travel Insurance Cover COVID Quarantine?

This kind of coverage is offered by some traveler’s foreign insurance. It is not necessary for tourists who have not had vaccinations or those who are immunized to spend time in quarantine when visiting France.

Final Thoughts on the Best Travel Insurance for France

Selecting the best travel insurance for your trip to France is crucial for a worry-free journey. It’s essential to choose a policy that covers extensive medical expenses, given the potential high costs of healthcare.

Trip cancellation coverage provides peace of mind against unforeseen events disrupting your plans. Lost baggage insurance is also vital, considering the inconvenience and expense of replacing personal items. Moreover, access to 24/7 emergency assistance offers invaluable support in unexpected situations.

You can enjoy France to the fullest even in the unlikely event of an unexpected event if you have a solid plan from a reliable insurer, such as Travel Insurance Master or SafetyWing.

France Travel Planning Guide

Should I buy France travel insurance?

YES – Get peace of mind with a plan from SafetyWing, one of the largest brands in travel insurance, with basic coverage costing only $5–10 USD per day on average.

Is it safe to rent a car in France?

YES – One of the best ways to see France is by renting a car! I always hire from Discover Cars since they compare costs from local France companies as well as foreign ones.

Will my phone work in France?

MAYBE – It depends on your company, so check with your provider. Invest on a Drimsim card if your service from France isn’t free. Drimsim is the first universal SIM card and free app for travelers, operating in 190 countries.

What’s the best way to book my France accommodations? is the best website for hotels in France; for hostels, check out Hostel World. When looking for an Airbnb in France, don’t forget to check VRBO, as they frequently offer lower rates than Airbnb.

What do I pack for France?

For all the information you want on packing for France, see the Ultimate France Packing List + FREE Checklist Download.

What’s the best site to buy France flights?

Use Skyscanner to discover flights to France at a low cost.

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