Luxury Hotel Review: Hôtel InterContinental Marseille

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Are you looking for where to stay in Marseille? One of the best luxury hotels in Marseille France has to be Hôtel InterContinental Marseille.

Located at Place Daviel, 13002 Marseille, the five-star Marseille Hotel Dieu is an magnificent hotel. Situated in Marseille’s historic Panier area, the InterContinental Marseille-Hotel Dieu is the pinnacle of luxury. Located just a short distance from the Vieux-Port quat, this hotel in Marseilles France provides excellent amenities.

Hôtel InterContinental Marseille
Hôtel Intercontinental à Marseille

I’ll give you an overview of the hotel’s highlights, our own experiences, and the various activities Hotel InterContinental Marseille has to offer in this hotel review. All thoughts and opinions are mine, as always.

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If you are in a hurry, here’s a summary of Hôtel Dieu InterContinental Marseille:

Hôtel-Dieu Marseille History

Originally built as a hostel for pilgrims traveling to the neighboring Basilica, the former Hôtel Dieu is now home to Hôtel InterContinental Marseille. It is recognized as a historical monument and dates back to the 18th century. Over the course of the last two years, numerous archaeological sites were found during the renovations.

A portion of the excavated artifacts are on display in the InterContinental Marseille’s cultural area. With its stunning terrace and serene, kind atmosphere, this Marseille hotel is the perfect place to relax after a long day and dream while taking in the breathtaking views of the Vieux Port and the renowned Basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde.

Hôtel InterContinental Marseille Location

The Hôtel InterContinental Marseille, which is perched on a hill above the marina, provides breathtaking views of the sea, the boats, and the Provence mountains. Even if you just spent time on the terraces here, it would have been a worthwhile visit. The beach is three minutes away by foot, and Norman Foster’s mirror-roofed sculpture—a selfie hotspot—is ten minutes away. About a fifteen-minute stroll will get you to the museums, the historic Le Panier neighborhood, and the Vieux Port area in the Sixth Arrondissement, which is home to lots of lively shops and restaurants.

The Property & Amenities

The fruit plate and bottled water that were brought up to welcome us, along with the personalized message that greeted me by name and shown on the TV in our room, all befitting a five-star hotel. The concierge offered services like cars and guided tours and was helpful without being intrusive. The hotel also features a Clarins spa, an airy and well-appointed gym with free weights and machines, and a tranquil indoor swimming pool with waterfall and sunburst lighting. The gracious wraparound private terrace and interior courtyards are perhaps the best features of all. Here, you can feel like a 19th-century aristocrat while sipping a cocktail at sunset or enjoying a morning coffee.

The Transfer & Check-In

You can take a shuttle transfer provided by the hotel from the Marseille Provence Airport to Hôtel InterContinental Marseilles; this will incur an additional fee if it isn’t covered by your direct booking package. Taking a cab or renting a car are other choices. Since this was just a quick one day in Marseille, we took the tram. Hôtel Intercontinental Marseille parking is free on site for those who arrive by car.

To start with, Delphine deserves a lot of praise. When we checked in, she was an amazing host. She provided us with so much information and was incredibly kind, understanding, and professional that we felt like we were the only guests.

Hôtel InterContinental Marseille

We had originally reserved a King Premium with a king bed and a sofa bed, but when we inquired about the king classic harbour view terrace room, she kindly looked through her database to fulfill our request.

She not only made it happen, but we also had one of the higher floors, which is always a big plus because of the breathtaking views.

After giving us our key cards, Delphine gave us an envelope containing more vouchers. Our visit here was becoming increasingly enjoyable. We took a look at the vouchers while we waited for our elevator; they included two $25 dining passes, two complimentary bike rentals, early morning yoga sessions, and a late check-out. There were so many fantastic benefits that I feel like I’m forgetting something.

Hôtel InterContinental Marseille
Hôtel InterContinental Marseille
Hôtel InterContinental Marseille

Rooms and Suites

There are 179 rooms at the InterContinental Marseille – Hôtel Dieu, including 15 suites with views of the Old Port and 33 with private terraces. Engraved by the renowned luxury hotel designer Jean-Philippe Nuel, the rooms and suites provide breathtaking views of the Phocaean metropolis. Their décor is a tasteful fusion of modern and historical styles.

Classic Terrace room

From our seventh-floor room, we could see the red-topped buildings, the harbor, and the hills perfectly framed by the small park that fronted the hotel. The room was not large, but it was enough to accommodate a table, chair, and recessed bar area complete with coffee maker. An artistically out-of-focus picture of Marseilles echoed the brown-and-white color scheme.

Our classic terrace room was a great place to stay, and we had a great time in the private balcony and pool area. Let me to go into more detail on the room:

Of course, the view of Vieux-Port and the local, iconic monument, Notre-Dame de la Garde Basilica was our favorite feature of our room. We went to Marseille at the beginning of April, when the weather was ideal for taking in the scenery while sitting outside. We were pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous wood floor panels as well as the stylish balcony furniture.

The entire space is equipped with numerous USB plug outlets. A functional desk, a 50-inch HDTV, an accent chair, an alarm clock, and a minibar are also included. We fell asleep like babies on the plush pillows of the queen beds.

Hôtel InterContinental Marseille
Hôtel InterContinental Marseille
Hôtel InterContinental Marseille

Hôtel InterContinental Marseille

The Bathroom

The toilet is situated apart from the sink and shower area, and it is amply sized. Luxurious bathing was made possible by the detachable European-style faucet and rain shower head. There was a hair dryer, standard grooming supplies, robes, and slippers available.

Hôtel InterContinental Marseille
Hôtel InterContinental Marseille
Hôtel InterContinental Marseille
Ready to pack your bags? Book your stay at Hôtel Dieu Intercontinental Marseille here.

Hôtel Intercontinental Marseille Restaurant

In addition to its three restaurants, InterContinental Marseille Hôtel Dieu also provides dining options within its hotel.

Alcyone Restaurant

Lionel Levy works his culinary magic in this breathtaking location, which faces Notre-Dame de la Garde, the symbol of Marseille, and overlooks the Vieux Port. He uses the finest produce the coast has to offer along with age-old recipes and spices. In February 2014, he was awarded a Michelin star for his Marseille cuisine. This recognition is well-earned given his skill, perfect taste, culinary mastery, flawless service, and most importantly, his constant desire to make sure every diner has a delightful experience.



The breakfast buffet features a variety of organic foods made locally by farmers and producers using integrated farm management techniques, catering to the needs of all dietary preferences, including those who are vegan, vegetarian, and lactose intolerant.

How much is breakfast at the Intercontinental Marseille?

35€ per person from Monday to Sunday 7am to 10:30am.

Hôtel InterContinental Marseille

Lunch & Dinner with a view

With Mediterranean influences, chef Lionel Levy has updated his menu to offer brasserie-style dishes. Depending on the products available, this menu will change as the season progresses!

39€ per person including starter/main course or main course/dessert, a glass of wine, water, a coffee and 2h of parking with valet service.

45€ per person including starter, main course, dessert, a glass of wine, water, a coffee and 2h of parking with valet service.

The Capian bar

This bar has everything! The head bartender, Xavier Gilly, is a national and international award winner, and the setting is complete with an exquisite décor, a magnificent terrace, a view of the Vieux-Port, and the protection of Notre-Dame de la Garde.

Xavier has crafted more than 50 unique cocktails with his skilled bartenders for a drinks menu that features references to more than 200 global alcohol brands, including an impressive assortment of high-end spirits.

Spa & Wellness

The Clarins Marseille Spa is stunning. The décor takes its cues from classic Provencal fountains. It’s the ideal spot to unwind and get a massage. With the hammam treatments available, you can truly immerse yourself in the traditional Marseille grove (perhaps a nod to Marseille’s Phoenician heritage). The private pool will be a hit with swimmers. Everyone who enjoys unwinding will also love the saunas, massages, and other amenities.

Old Port of Marseille

We arose early the following morning to witness the sunrise since our accommodations were directly across the street from the Old Port (Vieux Port) of Marseille. There were already some people at the port taking pictures, strolling, or watching the sunrise like us.

Hôtel InterContinental Marseille
Hôtel InterContinental Marseille

Of course, the sunset was breathtaking, but we had a bit of bad luck when it began to rain. Since Marseille experiences sporadic rains frequently, we anticipated having time to enjoy the port later in the afternoon.

Hôtel InterContinental Marseille, vieux port at night

The Staff

The staff at Hôtel InterContinental Marseille was excellent during our stay. The entire team, including those at the Michelin starred restaurant and reception, made us feel welcome and showed us the true meaning of French hospitality with their wide smiles.

Furthermore, the personnel at the bar and restaurant provided excellent service, taking orders quickly and attentively. Our satisfaction was fully satisfied with the effortless handling of additional requests. Additionally, the staffs at the fitness center and spa were incredibly accommodating and kind to us during our fitness class and spa treatment.

Final thoughts on Hôtel InterContinental Marseille

At the Hôtel InterContinental Marseille hotel, architecture is the main attraction. Around every corner, one can find a stunning curved archway, a delicate shadow, or a stately plaza. It seems well worth the cost when combined with the lavish surroundings and the views.

For those seeking a luxurious experience, this hotel is an excellent option for friends, families, honeymooners, and couples. We are very excited to visit this beautiful hotel again, and I 100% recommend staying at Hôtel InterContinental Marseille, France.

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