Discover the 8 Best Cannes Beach Clubs for 2024

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Looking for the best Cannes beach clubs this summer?

Whenever I find myself in Cannes, whether I’ve come specifically for the festival buzz or to bask in the Riviera sun, diving into the vibrant scene at Cannes’ beach clubs is always on my itinerary.

A lively day at a Cannes beach club captured from the terrace, with visitors relaxing under white parasols on sandy shores, pedal boats and yachts floating on the blue waters, and the scenic backdrop of Cannes' coastline and hills framing the tranquil Mediterranean setting.

Found along the famously glamorous coastline of the French Riviera, Cannes not only captivates with its star-studded film festival but also with its luxurious beach clubs that rival those of Saint-Tropez and Monaco.

Just a leisurely stroll from the heart of the city, these beachfront havens offer a slice of paradise where crystal-clear waters meet plush loungers. Here, I can indulge in top-tier service without the exorbitant prices seen in some other luxury destinations (looking at you, St. Barts!).

The Cannes beach clubs truly embody the French flair for combining chic comfort with impeccable service, making each visit unforgettable.

Cannes Quick Guide

Getting To Cannes

Airport – The nearest major international airport is in Nice, 27 KM away. Book your plane ticket here.

Train – Gare de Cannes connects to the towns of Toulon, Nice & Monaco as well as areas of Provence. Book your train tickets here.

Nearby Beach Clubs
Tours From Cannes

1. La Plage Du Festival

La Plage du Festival is located just off La Croisette, offering a chic and relaxed atmosphere. This iconic spot dates back to the late 19th century, making it one of the area’s pioneering bathing resorts. With over a century of history, it has built a stellar reputation for elegance and finesse.

The restaurant at La Plage du Festival boasts stunning views of the Bay of Cannes, where, during the summer, you can watch a dazzling display of super yachts. Unique to La Plage du Festival is its own ice cream bar—a perfect treat for beachgoers looking to cool off. This feature sets it apart from other Cannes beach clubs, as none offer such a delightful service.

While La Plage du Festival does not accept reservations for sun loungers, you can reserve a spot for lunch or dinner at the restaurant. This ensures that every visit is both exclusive and unforgettable. Cannes Beach Clubs

2. Nammos Cannes

Palm Beach Cannes is scheduled to open in May 2024 (let’s see if it makes it in time). It has undergone a significant update. After razing the old casino and hotel, Palm Beach Cannes has emerged from the ashes to become one of the French Riviera’s top luxury hotels going forward.

Together with Palm Beach, the legendary Nammos created the undoubtedly amazing Nammos Cannes as part of the hotel’s renovation. In the world of beach clubs, Nammos is a well-known brand with locations in Dubai and Mykonos.

Although daily costs for sun loungers and access are still pending, you can email [email protected] with any questions.

3. La Mandala Cannes

Beachgoers enjoy the sun at La Mandala, a popular Cannes beach club, with comfortable seating and umbrellas on the sand. The bustling promenade, palm trees, and elegant architecture of Cannes provide a luxurious urban beachfront atmosphere.

Found just steps from the iconic La Croisette, La Mandala Cannes offers a more affordable take on the luxurious Cannes beach club experience—though, it’s still Cannes, so prepare for a touch of opulence. This charming spot is perfect for a sun-soaked afternoon. Whether you’re there for a leisurely lunch or an elegant dinner, the menu at La Mandala Cannes is a delight, featuring mouth-watering dishes that will likely have you coming back for more.

Indulge in their expertly crafted cocktails or explore the detailed wine list—after all, you’re in the South of France! The knowledgeable wait staff are on hand to suggest the perfect pairings for your meal, which might include fresh fish or decadent truffle pasta. Remember, during the bustling months of July and August, securing a reservation for lunch is essential if you also want to enjoy a sun lounger for the day. Cannes Beach Clubs

La Mandala Cannes Price List

Prices are per sun lounger:

  • 1st Row €70
  • 2nd Row €60
  • Other Rows €50

4. Annex Beach

Early morning at La Plage du Festival in Cannes, with the club's elegant wooden deck, lush potted plants, and neatly arranged sun loungers awaiting guests. The calm sea and the silhouette of the Esterel Mountains in the distance offer a tranquil seaside escape, characteristic of Cannes beach clubs.

Situated right next to the iconic Carlton Beach Club and opposite the prestigious Intercontinental Carlton Hotel lies the lavish Annex Beach. This beachfront gem, designed by the renowned Jacques Garcia, draws inspiration from the breathtaking villas of the Borromean Islands—an eternal item on my bucket list. The restaurant and lounge boast exquisite décor that transports you to a realm of luxury.

As you stroll towards the beach, the abundance of sun loungers (130 to be exact!) will catch your eye. Each lounger offers a sense of privacy that’s hard to find in crowded spots. Unlike some beach clubs in Nice, where sun loungers are packed tightly, Annex Beach ensures ample space for every guest.

The loungers are equipped with thick, plush mattresses, elevating your beach day experience to new heights of comfort. Additionally, you won’t need to pack a beach towel; the attentive staff at Annex Beach have you covered. Cannes Beach Clubs

Indulge in a day of unparalleled relaxation and luxury at Annex Beach, where every detail is designed for your comfort.

5. Croisette Beach Cannes

a bustling day at Plage de la Croisette in Cannes with sunbathers and swimmers enjoying the clear blue waters and sandy beach. Colorful umbrellas dot the shoreline against a backdrop of palm-lined promenades and the cityscape, capturing the vibrant atmosphere of Cannes beach clubs.

Croisette Beach Cannes extends the hospitality of the Croisette Beach Hotel to its elegant beach club, where comfort meets convenience. This beachfront retreat offers guests a seamless transition from hotel to beach, with facilities designed to provide ultimate relaxation and recreation.

The club features sunbeds, umbrellas, and a dedicated service team to cater to all guest needs. Its proximity to the hotel allows for easy access to additional amenities, making it an ideal spot for those who prefer a beach experience that is both upscale and accessible.

Croisette Beach Prices

Prices are per sun lounger:

  • 1st Row €55
  • Pontoon €50
  • 2nd Row €40
  • 3rd & 4th Row €35
  • 5th & 6th Row €35

The costs are for the months of August and July. The cost varies according to the summer months; May and September are the most affordable. There is a discounted rate for hotel guests.

6. Carlton Beach Club

The Carlton Beach Club is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity in Cannes. Situated at the prestigious Carlton Hotel, this beach club offers a premium beach experience with its refined elegance and classic decor. Guests can enjoy the comfort of deluxe sun loungers and exclusive access to a private pontoon, perfect for those looking to escape the crowds.

The club’s restaurant serves a variety of Mediterranean and international dishes, prepared with the freshest ingredients. With its impeccable service and stunning sea views, Carlton Beach Club remains a top choice for discerning beachgoers looking for a luxurious day by the sea.

You shouldn’t miss dining at the Carlton Beach Club because of the excellent service and attentive staff. Make sure to reserve a spot for one of the few evenings during the summer when you can enjoy dinner and cocktails under the stars along with the spectacular fireworks display. It’s among Cannes’ most amazing evenings and experiences.

Carlton Beach Club Prices

Prices are per sun lounger:

  • Pontoon €125
  • 1st Row €110
  • Second Row €90
  • Other Rows €80
  • Double Bed €220

7. Vegaluna

Diners relax under white parasols at Vegaluna Cannes Beach Clubs, with a view of the sandy beach and azure sea dotted with yachts.

Vegaluna Beach Club truly stands out as one of the rare family-friendly beach clubs in Cannes. Unlike many others that claim to accommodate families, Vegaluna offers specific amenities that cater to the needs of the youngest visitors. Here, children can enjoy a dedicated play area while parents relax knowing their kids are engaged and safe.

The menu at Vegaluna goes beyond the standard chicken fingers and fries,’ providing nutritious and appealing meals for children. This allows moms and dads to relish a leisurely afternoon at the beach, perhaps enjoying some adult beverages and a bit of relaxation, with the confidence that their children are well taken care of.

Vegaluna Price List*

Prices are per sun lounger:

  • 1st row sun lounger & umbrella €45
  • 2nd row sun lounger & umbrella €40
  • 3rd row & beyond sun lounger & umbrella €35
  • Towels are available to rent €5
  • Children’s Entrance Fee €10

* The costs are for the months of July and August. September and May see price reductions.

8. Palais Stephanie Beach

The entrance mat to Palais Beach Stephanie with its logo prominently displayed, leading to a panoramic view of a Cannes beach club, showcasing rows of white sunbeds and umbrellas, with the serene Mediterranean Sea and distant mountains completing this idyllic coastal setting.

Palais Stephanie Beach combines modern luxury with a dynamic social scene. This beach club is known for its themed parties and fashion shows. It features state-of-the-art sound systems and LED lighting, creating a vibrant nighttime atmosphere.

The menu includes international dishes, with sushi and Mediterranean tapas as highlights. Day bed prices start at around €70, with options to upgrade to VIP areas for those looking for an exclusive experience.

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