Behind Dreaming in French Blog

A young African American women posing for a photo in Paris, France. She is wearing a short black dress, with a ruffle top. Multicolored high heels that sparkle. She has long black hair nad minimal makeup. She has her right arm perched on a dark green lamppost with the Louvre Museum building in the background.

The Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Élysées, the glistening light reflections along the Seine…do they sound familiar? We can all easily identify the recognisable cityscapes of beautiful Paris on film or TV, but for April, she has decided to make this romantic dream her reality.

Born in Dallas, Texas, USA, April visited France for the first time in June 2019 while on a solo trip to Europe filled with ambition and excitement. Without too many expectations, April unexpectedly fell head over heels in love as soon as she stepped off her train at Gare de Nord. After embracing everything the city has to offer, April returned to the United States, but she could not get Paris out of her head. She cradled onto the idea of moving across the pond to the city she was infatuated with and began researching her options as soon as she landed home.

After a lot of daydreaming, April decided to enroll at a French language school in Paris not only to learn French, but to finally be back in the city that she loves. April returned to France in January 2020, intending to explore the city and to ‘live like a local’ hoping that this plan could maybe one day become a long-term decision. And that’s exactly what happened. After confirming that Paris was the city for her, April began preparing for her language course with a start date of August 2020.

Of course, the world had other plans and her dream of moving to Paris was at the mercy of COVID-19. April finally made it to Paris in March of 2021 with a year-long visa under her belt and a heart full of joy. Now living in Paris, April wants to share her experiences as an American in France, explaining the highs and lows of a new life in Europe. ‘Dreaming in French Blog’ is a beautifully presented blog which exemplifies April’s passion for her new city, while incorporating her views and experiences as told though her own eyes.

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